Digital Barriers launches the EdgeVis MiniCam, designed for quick and simple deployment

Digital Barriers

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As the market for rapidly deployable surveillance cameras expands, Digital Barriers, a UK-based provider of IoT surveillance and security technologies, has announced the immediate availability of the EdgeVis MiniCam. Compact, lightweight and affordable, with secure low bandwidth streaming over cellular or WiFi, the rapidly deployable camera is set to shake up the market for temporary and semi-permanent surveillance.

The EdgeVis MiniCam is designed for quick and simple deployment straight out of the box. With only a requirement for power and no additional cabling, up to 2TB of storage, an IP66 rating and NDAA compliant, the one-piece unit can easily be attached to existing street furniture or dedicated wall or pole mountings in minutes. The camera includes advanced, onboard analytics, enabling rapid set-up, VMS integration and immediate alerts.

Unlike competing solutions, the EdgeVis MiniCam includes patented low bandwidth video streaming technology, which saves more than 50% of bandwidth and can be capped to control costs and prevent unexpectedly high data bills—a major risk with solutions from other vendors that simply repackage third-party hardware. The secure, efficient video technology in the EdgeVis MiniCam has never been seen at this price point before.

The video analytics on the EdgeVis MiniCam prioritises operators’ time by sending alerts to connected devices only when events require action. Capturing, sharing and enhancing areas of interest means users can better coordinate events live and as they unfold.

“Our world-leading technology was developed to meet the demanding requirements of specialist law enforcement and defence agencies. Now available to everybody, the EdgeVis MiniCam represents a new generation of flexible mobile surveillance. World-class technology at standard market pricing,” explains Zak Doffman, CEO, Digital Barriers.

“We have focused on real customer needs by designing a product that is simple and quick to deploy, without compromising on functionality. It’s 5G-ready and has a range of optional AI-driven features to address long-term requirements, ensuring that customers have a future proof device,” adds Dale Hall, Group Product Management Director, Digital Barriers.

From private security to local authorities, healthcare to transportation and logistics and first responders, the EdgeVis MiniCam is ideally suited to both everyday surveillance and special events and is powerful enough to cover major incidents and vulnerable facilities and sites.

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