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Digital access control makes storage security smarter


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BOS Construction Solutions, or BOS CS, of Tampa, Florida has introduced its new container model which is made with galvanised steel and secured using iLOQ’s state-of-the-art digital access management solution.

The company has been selling German-designed and manufactured BOS quick-build containers in the US for about ten years. The built-in interlocking system on the standard containers enables tool-free assembly and knock down within minutes. The new container, which is called “BOS DOT”, takes about 20 minutes to build because it is higher than the standard, off-the-shelf BOS container and comes with a welded floor structure.

The walls are mounted to the floor with self-tapping screws giving the units a more permanent and robust structure, while still being designed to be very portable. Container dimensions are 2350 mm x 1300 mm x 2300 mm (HxWxL). The DOT container comes with an enhanced solution for security as it features iLOQ’s digital access management system.

The “DOT” containers were originally designed for an HVAC distribution company for the delivery of a/c units and their related supplies to construction sites. However, there are numerous other uses in both private and public sectors. These could include use as tool or material storage at construction sites, un-manned equipment and tools after-hours pickups and returns and courier services, all thanks to the high level of security the units come with.

Up-to-date access rights keep security levels high

Access rights to the locks are managed using iLOQ’s cloud-based SaaS platform and are shared remotely and in real time to an NFC-enabled smartphone running iLOQ’s app. The access rights are granted, updated and cancelled as needs change and time-limited access rights are also possible giving the customer ultimate control over who has access to the container and when.

The cylinders and the optional padlocks on the containers are opened using the phone’s NFC making them battery-free and fully functional even if there is no cellular service in the area. There are no costs involved with purchasing batteries, maintenance related to changing them, or environmental impact of unrecyclable battery waste. There are no security risks related to lost, stolen or unreturned physical keys.

“BOS Construction Solutions prides itself on representing products with cutting-edge technology covering both engineering and sustainability. With iLOQ’s access management solution, we are also representing the highest levels of security with the lowest lifecycle costs,” explains Kari Honkaniemi, CEO, BOS CS.’

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