Digifort certifies Secure Logiq servers


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Secure Logiq has recently been added to the Digifort Hardware Vendor Certification Program.

The certification covers Secure Logiq’s HPS-2U-H Series and follows extensive testing of the HD surveillance server with the Enterprise Edition of Digifort’s Video Management Software.

With a 2U form factor, up to 80TB of storage and 1500 Mbps throughput, the H Series servers include an upgraded Octa-core processor and 16 GB RAM as well as 10GbE networking for ultra-high throughput applications.

Rob Lay, Product Manager, Secure Logiq, said: “Digifort put our servers through a rigorous test and we are delighted that they have decided to certify the HPS-2U-H Series with DGF Enterprise.

“This certification should give our mutual customers confidence that Secure Logiq hardware and Digifort software are a strong and compatible combination for their projects.”

The product range has been designed for higher camera counts and basic video analytic applications (such as ANPR) as well as projects with multiple client positions and mobile device transcoding.

DGF Enterprise is a solution recommended for medium and large users who need a system with unlimited tools and functionality, alarm solutions, access control and automation. In addition to the features available in other versions of the VMS software, this edition has the possibility to integrate alarm and automation modules, unlimited number of cameras, IP filters and server status reports.

“We are delighted to welcome Secure Logiq to the Digifort Hardware Vendor Certification Program,” added François Levy, Business Development Director EMEA, Digifort.

“Their HPS-2U-H Series servers performed well with our DGF Enterprise video management software in the tests and we are happy to recommend this combination of their hardware with our software. If you wish to get your hands on the Proof of concept Stress Test document, contact our friendly Digifort team or me.”

To find out more information, please visit: www.securelogiq.com

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