Advanced detection system strengthens security infrastructure and boosts efficiency

Advanced detection system strengthens security infrastructure and boosts efficiency

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A major detection systems provider has recently confirmed its partnership with a business process outsourcing and contact centre organisation.

Metrasens has deployed its advanced technology to enhance Transparent BPO’s security infrastructure and help protect client data.

Enhanced security screening infrastructure

Transparent BPO is an established company well known for operating contact centres for high profile clients across industries such as energy, retail and medical equipment.

The company has selected Metrasens’ Ultra detection systems to further strengthen its security posture, replacing the previously used handheld metal detectors.

“State-of-the-art detection technology”

Scott Newman, Founder and CEO, Transparent BPO commented: “When we set out to enhance our security infrastructure with new, state-of-the-art detection technology for screening our people, we knew early on in the process that Metrasens would be the perfect partner”

Chris Arbeitman, Vice President, Business Development, Metrasens added: “From the beginning, it was evident that Scott had a vision to make client data security a competitive advantage for Transparent BPO.

“It has been a pleasure to embark on this journey with them and witness the successful implementation of Metrasens Ultra as an integral part of their access control strategy.”

According to Metrasens, Transparent BPO’s management and staff have reported positive feedback following the initial roll-out of the Ultra solution.

They have observed a more efficient process for staff entering and exiting client work environments.

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