DeltaQuad partners with LiDAR mapping solutions manufacturer

DeltaQuad partners with LiDAR mapping solutions manufacturer

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Dutch drone manufacturer DeltaQuad has partnered with YellowScan to integrate a colourised LiDAR solution in its most recent Evo UAV.

According to DeltaQuad, its Evo solution is the first fixed wing Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) UAV to offer a combined YellowScan LiDAR & RGB system worldwide.

By pairing the YellowScan system with the DeltaQuad Evo, georeferenced, colourised LiDAR with unparalleled terrain coverage is offered.

With up to 200 data points per square metre, the YellowScan system provides highly detailed and accurate terrain information.

“Working with DeltaQuad is a thrilling experience as we collaborate to create inventive solutions for demanding applications,” commented Tristan Allouis, Co-Founder and CEO, YellowScan.

“Our shared dedication ensures the delivery of highly efficient and reliable solutions for our valued customers.”

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