Major growth expected for global defence cybersecurity market

Major growth expected for global defence cybersecurity market

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According to findings from, the international global defence cybersecurity market is expected to grow to US $33.7b at a CAGR of 7.3% by 2028.

This market is comprised of cybersecurity solutions designed to protect against the threat of terrorism and cyber-crime, which is becoming more sophisticated as the digital landscape develops.

This market is expected to develop in line with growing security requirements in the defence, utilities, communication and transport sectors, with critical infrastructure a key target for threat actors looking to cause widespread chaos and disruption.

Increased digitalisation and technological enhancements are another key growth factor.

As explained on the website: ‘Presently, cyber-threats are more persistent, smarter and concentrated on high-value assets, which have increased the demand for a strong and high-tech cybersecurity system for defence industry.

‘Furthermore, the growing risk of the cyber-threat to critical infrastructures by criminal organisations and the technological enhancement in the cybersecurity industry is the major driving factor in its increased utilisation throughout defense organisations.’

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