Dedrone confirms Aerial Armor acquisition


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Dedrone has recently confirmed the acquisition of Aerial Armor, a leader in counter-drone systems and an integrator of drone detection hardware.

The acquisition – which will enable Dedrone to deliver its best-in-class technology platform to meet airspace security needs of the future – will see Dedrone honour all Aerial Armor customer contracts and retain all employees, including Russ Haugan, CEO and Matt Altman, CTO.

Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO, Dedrone explained: “We have created a fantastic rapport with the team at Aerial Armor and are greatly impressed with their technology, expertise and the strong customer relationships they’ve built.

“As we come together under the Dedrone umbrella, we’re confident we will continue to find great synergies in our respective platforms and bring new innovations to market for our customers.

“All of our customers around the world will reap the benefits of our more powerful C2 cUAS system, powered by inputs from a multitude of sensors including radio frequency (RF), radars and cameras in a single UI.”

Devarakonda continued: “I am thrilled to have Russ, Matt and the entire Aerial Armor team join Dedrone. We are constantly looking for the finest talent in the market and Aerial Armor provides one of the best groups of individuals with a deep understanding of the cUAS space. I have a lot of respect for the business they have built and am looking forward to building the best-of-breed solution for our customers.”

“The ever-increasing threats to airspace make it clear that the world needs a strong counter-drone C2 platform – point solutions will no longer be enough,” added Russ Haugan, CEO, Aerial Armor.

“Dedrone offers a like-minded team in its approach to the future of airspace security, which is why this acquisition is an important one for our 100+ customers and team to continue to deliver the best possible solution for airspace security against the persistent and escalating threat of drones.

“Together, our strengths will continue to provide best-in-class service to the venues, airports, federal entities and law enforcement agencies that rely on us for truly secure airspace no matter the perimeter size.” 

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