Dallmeier security solutions enhance insights for casinos

Dallmeier security solutions

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Dallmeier recently sponsored the European Dealer Championship (EDC) 2023 which took place from 12-14 June in Brussels, Belgium.

The video technology manufacturer was present at the event with a stand featuring a live camera system with on-boarded AI video analytics.

Subsequently, casino managers were able to chat with Dallmeier casino experts about how they can better utilise their gaming floor and get a better insight into table games.

Dallmeier security solutions

In the past, surveillance managers mainly used camera systems to secure different areas of the casino and to meet the requirements of the casino authorities, such as table surveillance.

State-of-the-art Dallmeier security solutions are now benefiting the gaming departments as well.

At EDC 2023, Dallmeier experts Ep Smit and Reda Seiliute demonstrated how casinos can utilise a Dallmeier Panomera W8 360° camera to monitor large indoor casino areas and track persons of interest in much less time.

By using eight lenses in one optical unit, the Panomera W8 provides the operator with unlimited “virtual” PTZ cameras whilst often eliminating the need for PTZ cameras on the gaming floor.

Making casino operations more efficient

Smit – Senior Enterprise Solutions Manager, Dallmeier – commented: “We’re very pleased with the response to our smart casino solutions we got at this year’s European Dealer Championship in Brussels.

“In many conversations, visitors to our stand realised that they can use video cameras for so much more than just for receiving high resolution images.”

“The benefits range from being able to track a person on the gaming floor much faster to quickly adapt to table positions on the floor, to using AI video analytics to make casino operations much more efficient.”


In 1984, Dieter Dallmeier founded what is now Dallmeier electronic – not in the proverbial garage, but in a garden shed in Regensburg, Germany.

Today, the company, which can justifiably call itself a hidden champion for video information technology “Made in Germany”, has several hundred employees worldwide, more than 250 of them at the company headquarters in the centre of Regensburg alone.

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