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Dallmeier presents “Smart Casino Solutions” at G2E Asia


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Casino operators are looking intensively for solutions to transform the multitude of process data into useful business intelligence information. With its “Smart Casino Solutions”, Dallmeier is pursuing a unique approach in which the manufacturer’s video technology is linked to AI systems. At G2E Asia from 21 – 23 May, Stand A301, Dallmeier will present solutions for the three main casino areas of gaming, surveillance and marketing.

Many casino operators are still struggling with undetected fraud and theft, high operating costs and inefficient manual processes. The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises significant improvements. Due to the large number of video systems in casino operation, the linking of digitally available data with information that can be generated from video systems is particularly obvious. However, this requires the resolution quality of the video images to be precisely defined in all relevant areas. Only this way, the data quality required for AI systems and the respective application case can be guaranteed. Dallmeier camera systems fulfil exactly this functionality and offer completely new solutions in combination with AI systems.

Gaming: Casino Automation Technology for Blackjack and Baccarat

Classical table games like Blackjack or Baccarat were difficult to integrate into data processing and analysis because of their “analogue” character. Dallmeier’s Casino Automation Technology (CAT) – the first gaming automation system to be live in a production environment – uses AI technologies and standard Full HD IP cameras to capture a wide variety of data. In this way, CAT enables a multitude of insights and the automation of essential processes: the system detects chips and cards, provides real-time information about placement and the value of bets, game speed and float value, to name just a few important functionalities. For the first time, this enables accurate player evaluation, a significantly increased game speed and much more effective protection against fraud. CAT is available for Baccarat and Blackjack.

Surveillance: Casinos minimise their TCO with Panomera

In addition, classical surveillance and CCTV also play a major role in casinos, large areas need to be monitored to protect guests, players, staff and the casino’s inventory. With the latest model of the patented Panomera cameras, a 360-degree version, casino operators can cover much larger areas with the same number of operators and at the same time significantly improve overall security with a high-resolution 360-degree view of the “entire scene”. The combination of a complete overview and the highest detail resolution is particularly impressive, even distant objects are displayed with the same resolution as objects in the front image area. In the event of an incident, the operator can zoom into the scenes as with a PTZ camera – but without losing the overall picture, neither live nor in the recording. And even multiple operators can zoom in at the same time to solve complex scenarios. Significantly fewer cameras reduce the infrastructure and operating costs, and at the same time security goals can be achieved much better.

Marketing: Smart Marketing Measures for Business Intelligence

The benefits of Dallmeier’s Smart Casino Solutions are rounded off in marketing. Through the intelligent combination of video technology-based functions (e.g. people counting) with AI-based gaming automation technologies and other analysis techniques, casinos can gain access to a previously hidden treasure trove of data. Collecting, analysing and understanding this data helps casinos better plan their business and make more informed decisions for loyalty programs based on the behaviour and preferences of their visitors and players.

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