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Dallmeier displays casino operating system at G2E Asia 2019

G2E Asia

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At G2E Asia 2019, which took place from 21 – 23 May 2019 in Macau, visitors to Dallmeier’s trade fair stand showed great interest in two solutions in particular: SeMSy, the new “casino operating system”, a modular platform which simplifies processes and collaboration for a whole range of casino functions. The second area with a lot of interest was Dallmeier’s Casino Automation Technology (CAT) which provides real-time information for table games such as Baccarat and Blackjack, helping gaming departments to become much more profitable.

“A single pane of glass”: analytics, data, interfaces and video

An essential aspect of the new SeMSy “casino operating system” is that it functions as on open platform for integration, presentation and processing of many different data sources and interfaces. From video and surveillance to regulations reporting to marketing data and many more. Different user groups can select from a wide range of applications that help casinos maximise efficiency for a multitude of workflows and collaboration between various departments. For example, casino surveillance operators can manage their entire video surveillance system, but furthermore quickly create a “digital incident file” that includes corresponding video, notes, reports and further information. Internal and external compliance requirements (e.g. of casino regulation authorities) are easily fulfilled with advanced, unified reporting capabilities that make the creation of reports a breeze. Many other functional modules and interfaces to third party systems can be integrated.

Crucial for modern Casinos: Integration of Table Game Management

Gaming management will find a wealth of solutions within Dallmeier’s “Casino Automation Technology” (CAT) suite to manage and track table games. The suite is the first in-operation gaming automation and runs as an application in SeMSy. It uses standard IP cameras and elements of AI to recognise chips and cards with very high accuracy. So, CAT can provide real-time information about bet position and value, game pace, float value and many more. The benefits are a highly increased game pace, an accurate player rating and a much more effective protection from fraud.

Konrad Hechtbauer, Managing Director of Dallmeier International, states: “Visitors to our booth were particularly pleased with our open and collaborative platform approach: Thanks to SeMSy, casino operators see the opportunity to save a lot of time and money by simplifying a variety of workflows for their employees as they do not have to switch back and forth between different systems. In addition, our Casino Automation Technology suite is perfectly integrated, allowing gaming departments to manage their table games much more profitable.” 

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