Dahua Technology helps protect wildlife in China


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On the south bank of the Yangtze River, a unique wetland ecosystem breeds a variety of fish and aquatic animals. Every autumn, this wetland attracts nearly 700,000 migratory birds (such as cranes and other rare bird species) for the winter. They live in harmony with lakes and fields, creating a beautiful picture of nature. However, due to the complex terrain of the wetland and the huge number of migratory birds, it has been extremely difficult for local staff to manually take care of the reserve.

Utilising the power of digital technology, Dahua provided an intelligent monitoring and management system featuring all-weather monitoring, early warning and analysis of ecological conditions in key wetland areas.

High-definition visible light PTZ cameras, thermal cameras and other equipment were deployed on field towers and utility poles to capture video images of the birds and the wetland in real time. These devices automatically monitor and record the species, quantity, distribution and trajectory of migratory birds in the wetland, as well as the conditions of the lake area, allowing the monitoring staff to remotely guard the wetland. It greatly helps them in performing their daily monitoring tasks and significantly improves their work efficiency. At the same time, the digital system with intelligent detection and early warning function can also aid patrol personnel to better observe and manage the wetland, timely and effectively prevent wetland damage and deter illegal intrusion, poaching and other external threats, creating a safe and peaceful migration environment for the birds.

Powered by a wind-solar hybrid power generation system, the images are transmitted to the corresponding migratory bird protection monitoring command centre and provincial command centre through wired or wireless (including 4G) transmission. While collecting real-time ecological data to maintain a healthy wetland environment, the system sorts out the data history and builds a comprehensive database of wetland ecosystem. Managers of the reserve can use these data to regularly review the wetland’s dynamic changes, distribution of migratory birds and health assessment of the reserve, providing a decision-making reference for the wetland’s ecological conservation.

At present, this Dahua solution has helped protect more than 150 species of rare and exotic birds in the reserve, many of which are endangered species, as well as national first-level and second-level protected animals such as white crane, oriental white stork, little swan, gray crane and more.


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