Dahua turnstile gates secure New Zealand gym facilities

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CityFitness is one of the largest fitness gym chains in New Zealand, reports Dahua.

With almost 50 gyms across the country (average area: 5,000 square meters), each facility is open 24/7 and accommodates a huge number of people on daily basis.

A tailored automatic speedgate solution that is secure, reliable and efficient is imperative to ensure quick access to their facilities and prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the gyms.

Integration with third party platforms

CityFitness has an existing access control system from a third party supplier.

Integrating Dahua turnstiles with this system was not a simple task.

Nevertheless, working together with a local partner installer, the local Dahua team was able to successfully integrate the Dahua turnstile gates with the existing third party platform.

Intelligent access control

Dahua’s turnstile gates were successfully deployed in 10 gym facilities of CityFitness across the country.

These swing turnstiles include DHI-ASGB610X-L (left side), Dahua DHI-ASGB620X-D (center of dual lanes) and DHI-ASGB610X-R (right side).

This solution provides an automatic access control management specifically tailored for CityFitness’ actual requirements for security, reliability and efficiency.

It is equipped with built-in accurate people counting function and infrared anti-tailgating sensors to prevent unauthorised access.

An alarm will sound if someone follows an entering person without swiping.

It can be flexibly integrated with third party platforms, with several access methods available such as RFID, facial recognition and QR code scanning.

Also, it can be easily configured for single and multi-entry setups, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Dahua turnstile gates: Safe and efficient

This automatic speedgate solution developed by Dahua significantly transformed the access control management in CityFitness facilities, enabling quick access to their gyms while ensuring the safety of their members.

The local Dahua team also provides unwavering service and support that significantly contributed to the overall success of the project.

“CityFitness chose Dahua because their speedgate exceeded our expectations,” commented Clint Paul, National Security Manager, CityFitness.

“It enhances our access control and its anti-tailgating technology ensures a safe environment.

“The integration options and configurability make it perfect for our needs,”

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