Dahua to build open and smart NVR ecosystem

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Driven by the development of AI and IoT technology, NVR is no longer just the traditional data storage centre in CCTV systems. From initial connection demands of third-party IPC and PTZ suppliers and docking demands of alarm sensor and platform manufacturers, to alliance demands of algorithm and app developers, NVR is playing an increasingly significant role in connecting front-end devices, alarm sensors and other equipment. As a video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider, Dahua Technology has been actively cooperating with third-party software and hardware partners around the world though open integration of NVR, aiming to build an open and smart NVR ecosystem.

While jointly creating value for customers and users, the NVR Ecosystem also brings technology partners together to explore more possibilities. Making NVR available to third-party devices and platforms not only enables third-party cameras and software/hardware manufacturers to connect to NVR through ONVIF and CGI/SDK respectively, but also allows users to customise GUI style, run their own algorithms and develop apps on NVR according to their needs and budgets.

Fully considering the system development demands of customers today, Dahua Technology released NVR DHOP to allow third-party applications to be downloaded and installed on Dahua NVR hardware. Equipped with strong and powerful AI functions, NVR DHOP boasts advantages such as flexible operation, safety guarantee, reliable quality and strong support, which brings business growth opportunities to algorithm and app developers who lack hardware devices and those with customisation requirements for NVR GUI. In order to protect the interests of customers, all embedded third-party applications will pass legal verification and the data in storage or transmission will be encrypted. In addition, Dahua Technology’s professional R&D team provides continuous support in the whole process.

In addition, the expanded application of the security field has also prompted the cooperation between NVR and traditional alarm manufacturers. Combining video with traditional alarm enables linkage between alarm signals and video footages, which can help warn off intruders when an alarm is triggered. At the same time, it also allows users to search for relevant alarm videos stored in the NVR, achieving visual and intelligent alarm.

Dahua NVR has already completed integration with a number of third-party VMS suppliers, such as Milestone, Axxon, Digifort, etc. Aside from general video storage and query functions, NVR can also assist third-party platforms in improving business operations and management with smart video analysis. Dahua NVR has been successfully integrated with the Milestone platform, providing temperature monitoring reports during the pandemic and enabling the efficient management of people with abnormal temperatures.


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