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Dahua Technology safeguards New Athos Cave with low-light solution


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The New Athos Cave (also known as Novoafonskaya, Novy Afon Cave and New Afon Cave) is a karst cave in the Iverian Mountain located in Abkhazia, Georgia. It is one of the largest caves in the world with the volume of its void approximately 1,000,000 m³. As a well-known tourist attraction, one of the most important factors that keep tourists from visiting this cave is its security. To achieve this, the management of the cave deployed a surveillance solution from Dahua Technology to provide visitors with comprehensive security throughout their cave exploration.


Due to the harsh environment with high humidity and low-light conditions in the cave, the customer needed a high-quality monitoring system to ensure the safety of tourists, avoid accidents, as well as achieve remote management.


For the low brightness and high humidity condition in the cave, a group of highly reliable infrared cameras were installed. The main function of the cameras is to prevent visitors from crossing the installed fence which might pose danger to them. The IR Megapixel Vari-focal Bullet Camera presents a 2MP resolution with a motorised 2.7mm – 12mm vari-focal lens. With IR illumination, the camera can capture detailed images in low light or total darkness condition, making it suitable for the environment of the cave. The camera’s Smart IR technology adjusts to the intensity of the camera’s infrared LEDs to compensate the distance of an object. Smart IR technology prevents IR LEDS from whiting out images as they come closer to the camera. The camera’s integrated infrared illumination of up to 60m (197ft) provides high performance lighting under extreme low-light environments.

As for back-end equipment, Dahua’s NVR5216-16P-4KS2 network video recorder was selected. It offers excellent performance and high recording quality for IP video surveillance applications. For applications where details are critical for identification, this professional NVR provides a powerful processor with up to 4K resolution. It also features a mouse shortcut operation menu, remote management and control, central storage, edge storage and back up storage. In addition, the NVR’s Heat Map option highlights the areas with the highest concentration of people. This information can then be exported into a customised report to assist in business or forensic analysis.


Security is one of the keys to sustainable tourism. These high-quality and reliable surveillance devices provide a convenient way for the customer to access the camera remotely, allowing the security personnel to monitor the situation in the cave 24/7 and respond quickly in case of an accident. The Dahua solution reinforces the security of this popular tourist destination, creating a safe and enjoyable cave exploration experience for visitors from all over the world.


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