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Dahua Technology previews the release of its DeepHub Lite Series for hybrid education and remote working.

In 2022, Dahua Technology is releasing its new Dahua DeepHub Lite Series (DHI-LCH65/75/86-MC410-B). Equipped with upgraded functions, this device can significantly optimise the communication experience in hybrid education and remote working.

With the pioneer version launched last year, the Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard aims to meet the growing demands of digitisation and collaboration within educational and business environments.

“Technology in the classroom has been progressing as a new standard in the educational field. With remote education becoming a necessity for some, educators and students need the appropriate tools to help garner deeper learning within a digital world. The Dahua DeepHub provides an ideal solution for schools and offices, especially enabling remote access to distance learning and video conferencing for those who cannot attend a class or meeting in person,” said Joshua Wang, Product Manager of Dahua DeepHub.

Interactive classrooms and hybrid education

The Dahua DeepHub Lite Series is a cost-effective, smart interactive whiteboard ideal for interactive and hybrid education. It provides an interactive display that teachers can use to project their lessons, as well as various tools, games or quizzes to make the class more lively and understandable.

Students may interact with the content on the big screen or with the teacher using their electronic devices. They can receive the content, write on the same canvas, take a quiz, etc. Students at home can remotely join the same class at the same time and interact with their teacher and classmates using the same interactive tools.

Additionally, its built-in camera and mic enable both teacher and remote students to be seen and heard, allowing for a more synchronous teaching style similar to face-to-face instruction. For younger learners that need more tactile activities, the Dahua DeepHub is accoutred with a 4K Zero air gap multi-touch display that allows multiple users to interact with the whiteboard.

The Dahua DeepHub provides a smooth writing experience for students to draw, write and create. What’s more, users can also save and share the whiteboard’s contents via QR Code.

Efficient collaboration for workspace

In local collaboration scenarios, the Dahua DeepHub creates an intelligent digital workspace that can meet various office activities’ requirements, such as presentation, brainstorming, content creation, etc., enhancing work efficiency and promoting idea-sharing.

The Dahua DeepHub Lite Series adopts an all-in-one design that replaces multiple types of equipment in traditional meeting rooms and eliminates messy cables and complex operations. Also, it allows expansion for large scale or professional conference rooms. Team members away from the office can conveniently join video conferences. It supports high-quality audio and video communication and cloud content interaction, facilitating working across locations.

For the operating system, DeepHub Lite’s SoC is now upgraded to Android 9.0, which can help speed up the booting process and save costs in software installation. This device also offers an optional Windows OPS that can be seamlessly switched with the built-in OS, allowing users to access collaboration and productivity tools that are mostly available in Windows OS.

Over the years, Dahua has been adhering to its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living”, developing various intelligent products such as the Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard that meet the actual needs and requirements of its customers. Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve its partners and customers around the world.

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