Dahua Technology releases 2020 ESG Report


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Dahua Technology has released its 2020 Environmental, Social and Governance Report. This report describes the actual practice of the company in fulfilling its social responsibilities while achieving its development in 2020.

Build an efficient and transparent governance system

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations in the countries where it does business, as well as the requirements of regulatory agencies, Dahua Technology has built a highly efficient corporate governance structure to protect the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders through its management system and continuously improve its value and management transparency.

Adhere to compliant integrity operation

As a global commercial entity, Dahua Technology has always practiced legal and compliant operations with a strict adherence to its Code of Conduct, market discipline and international rules in order to further enhance its competitiveness in global business expansion and continuously guarantee the excellent quality and steady growth of its performance. To ensure this, the company-level Ethical Compliance Management Organisation was updated during the reporting period.

ESG management

Dahua Technology is committed to bringing outstanding technical services to every corner of the world and to building a green, Eco-friendly, safe and smart world for everyone. It aims to create greater value for customers and play a greater role in the sustainable development of the society by fully integrating sustainability into its overall development strategy.

According to its sustainable development strategies, Dahua Technology has developed detailed action plans based on the 17 Sustainable Development GOALS set by United Nations, ensuring that the company’s sustainable management goals are met and fully implemented.

Digital intelligence empowerment, technology for good deeds

Dahua Technology actively advocates a responsible company culture, vigorously supports national and local public welfare programs and constantly encourages employees to carry out charitable activities for the benefit of the public.

2020 was indeed an extremely eventful year. At the beginning of the year during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dahua Technology utilised its social capabilities as an enterprise and immediately donated 10 million RMB (appx. US$1.5 million) to help fight the pandemic. In addition, at least 28 donations were made in 17 countries, assisting local communities in their pandemic prevention and control measures.

Intensive operation for high quality development

Innovation is a key driving force and core competency in the development of Dahua Technology. By annually investing 10% of its sales revenue in research and innovation, the company secures its position in the industry’s technology development and satisfies the ever-changing demands of its customers. Dahua Technology has built five research institutes covering advanced technology, big data, central, cybersecurity and smart city and has established a national post-doctoral scientific research workstation. As a state-accredited enterprise technology centre and national pilot innovative enterprise, Dahua Technology continues to make breakthrough contributions and leads development in the industry.

People orientation

Dahua Technology stresses the importance of increased focus on human values in management and continuously puts this perspective into action. Committed to its “customer-centric and striver-oriented” core values, Dahua Technology constantly improves its talent development and training system, as well as the incentive compensation system. Dahua Technology has actively organised a series of activities including “Dahua Health & Wellness Star” and “Happiness Star”, promoting a healthy work environment and the happy life of employees and the utmost care for every Dahua striver. In 2020, the company has also received a number of awards including “Most Influential Employer Award”, “Diversified Extraordinary Employer”, “Most Popular Employer Award”, etc.


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