Dahua Mobile Solution equips police cars in Argentina for effective patrolling


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As one of the most important provinces of Argentina, Buenos Aires Province has been seeking to improve the work efficiency and emergency response speed of its police force. However, the local police was always lacking evidence when performing legal actions towards violence, traffic accidents and other social incidents. This created temporary loopholes in law enforcement that criminals took advantage of in order to escape legal sanctions. For this reason, the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires Province required powerful security tools to assist the local police in patrolling and enhancing the overall level of safety throughout the province.


The Buenos Aires police sought strong and modern security equipment that could monitor the roads during police patrol, while keeping records as evidence. Additionally, they required a management terminal on the dashboard of each patrol car to allow the user to view videos in real time and manage all the surveillance equipment via the system. The technical equipment must be installed in a suitable position to avoid damage in case of a car accident or airbag activation and to ensure passenger safety under adverse conditions, such as weather changes, vehicle temperature shift etc.

After presenting Dahua Mobile Solution that could fulfill the aforementioned requirements, the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires authorised the Dahua team to conduct research and implementation of this project.


The Dahua Mobile Solution covered 400 patrol cars of the Buenos Aires police, each of which was equipped with six HD cameras, including two different models of 2MP Mobile HDCVI IR Dome Camera – HDBW1200F-M and HDBW2241F-M-A, 3MP Network IR Mini-Bullet Camera IPC-HFW1320SP and 2MP Mobile HDCVI IR Cube Camera HAC-HMW3200. In addition, five cameras were also installed outside each patrol car to monitor road conditions from every angle: HDBW2241F-M-A on both sides; HDBW2241F-M-A and IPC-HFW1320SP on the front top; and HAC-HMW3200 at the back. All of the products support IP67 & IP6K9K, shock-proof and resistant to vibration and severe weather conditions. HDBW1200F-M was installed inside each car to monitor its situation and regulate police behaviour. As part of the requirement, the management terminal was installed at the centre of the dashboard and linked to the central server through a 10/100 wired Ethernet connection via an RJ45 connector.

In addition to the cameras, a Dahua Mobile Video Recorder MXVR4104-GFW was also deployed for efficient video storage. Its embedded GPS positioning allows the user to track the vehicle in real time. In case of an emergency, it will trigger the alarm and automatically upload the data on time. It also supports image capturing of suspected vehicles and uploads them to the management platform. Indeed, Dahua Technology has launched a smart police car solution to aid the police in identifying suspected vehicles and people. Featuring automatic recognition technology, the new device can compare suspected vehicles and people with the information in its database, achieving efficient mobile control and identification.


With the implementation of Dahua Mobile Solution, the Buenos Aires police can now manage social security better through a comprehensive monitoring system. The mobile surveillance system with high-definition image quality and other advanced functions enabled the police to obtain first-hand evidence, achieve timely intervention and control dangerous and detrimental activities during their patrolling. This significantly improved their work efficiency, stabilised social order and helped build a safe and harmonious community.

“We are very satisfied with Dahua products. The mobile video surveillance solution used in police cars enables our police to work more efficiently and safely because the surveillance centre is available 24 hours a day, providing appropriate assistance in solving various issues or incidents that the police may encounter,” said Dr. Ignacio Greco, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Ministry of Security, Buenos Aires.


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