Leading the over-Coax AI evolution with Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS


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Dahua Technology has been a frontrunner in HD-over-Coax development in terms of resolution, intelligence and usability. To further meet diverse customer demands, Dahua has launched the latest upgrade of its High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) series –the HDCVI 6.0 PLUS. As part of Dahua’s core products for 2021, the HDCVI 6.0 PLUS addresses existing monitoring challenges in the industry that will benefit both installers and end users.

With the popularity of 16:9 widescreen displays in the market, loss in image quality due to stretching of traditional 4:3 video output has become an emerging issue, especially in surveillance where image clarity and accurate identification of targets are of paramount importance. With that said, the Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS has just the right solution for this common problem. Its Real 5MP is a technology in the HD-over-Coax market that offers a stunning 16:9 aspect ratio to better fit common HD displays. Compared to the previous version’s 5MP@20fps, the Real 5MP technology provides 5MP@25fps output and a large FOV. By presenting precise and vivid images, the Real 5MP technology provides an enhanced visual experience and allows accurate recognition and identification of targets in the scene.

Aside from image distortion, users are also often faced with complex lighting conditions that can adversely affect their monitoring efficiency. The traditional remedy for this issue is for installers to manually adjust the camera settings to ensure image performance, causing additional time and labour costs. The Super Adapt technology of the Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS makes this pain point a thing of the past. With its capability to recognise whether the monitored scene is indoor, outdoor, or under wide dynamic range, it can automatically adjust the camera settings (e.g., brightness, colour, contrast and white balance) to match the actual scene, eliminating the need for manual configuration just to optimise image performance. It can adapt to complex lighting environments, making it ideal for various application scenarios such as doorways, corridors, halls and even windows. For indoor scenarios, this technology can significantly enhance the brightness of dark areas in the monitored scene, capturing clear and rich details. For outdoor scenarios, the Super Adapt technology can help avoid overexposure in environments with intense lighting condition, which greatly optimises image quality.

Moreover, the Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS also boasts enhanced AI with its high-performance AI chip and advanced deep-learning algorithm, enabling accurate recognition of human and vehicles in the monitored scene. One example of a Dahua product that features enhanced AI is the Cooper-I Series. It is equipped with Smart Motion Detection (SMD) Plus that can accurately recognise people and vehicles and can effectively filter out false alarms caused by irrelevant objects such as small animals, leaves, rain, light, etc. Together with Dahua HDCVI Three-in-One Camera (TiOC), SMD Plus offers an interlinked siren and spotlight that can be turned on and off simultaneously through its one-click arming/disarming function to effectively deter intruders. It can also perform AI search to locate targets by categories, saving a significant amount of bandwidth through AI coding and providing efficient target search without the need to review massive amounts of video footage. In addition, this series also allows recording of customised alarm audio based on different scenarios that can be uploaded to the front-end cameras via the DMSS app. Successfully released in 2021, the Cooper-I series is positioned as an entry-level product line that offers cost-effective and AI-enabled solutions suitable to a wide range of application scenarios, making AI inclusive and available for everyone.

The Dahua HDCVI has been bringing fresh ideas and new possibilities to the industry and will always provide more economical, safer and more convenient solutions to its customers. Equipped with advanced technologies such as Real 5MP, Super Adapt and enhanced AI, the Dahua HDCVI 6.0 PLUS is leading the over-coax AI evolution by effectively capturing clear and vivid images and accurately recognising human and vehicles in a monitored scene, allowing users to focus on what really matters the most.

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