Dahua confirms release of HDCVI 2023

HDCVI 2023

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Dahua Technology has unveiled High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) 2023.

The over-coaxial-cable video standard enables long-distance HD transmission of four signals with just one coaxial cable connecting the camera and XVR.

HDCVI 2023 offers enhanced features

This year’s HDCVI offers a range of intelligent functions.

Not only does the solution allow installers and users to achieve one-step HD monitoring without additional configuration, but it has significant new technical features including:

  • Real 5MP 2.0 – a unique technology in the HD-over-Coax market that supports 16:9 aspect ratio, more vivid colours and better image sharpness. HDCVI 2023 offers two 5MP Solutions (5MP Pro and 5MP Value) to meet the different needs of customers
  • Smart Dual Light – the Smart Dual Light feature records full colour videos and information of key events in the monitored scene. It switches between warm light and IR light when a target is detected, effectively reducing light pollution
  • PT Camera – HDCVI 2023 offers a PT camera that features compact design and supports horizontal and vertical rotation, enabling wider area coverage from a single camera without dead angles
  • S-XVR – in the past, XVR was required to store video information on the HDD. But, HDDs have limitations. The newly released S-XVR has an internal SSD

Dahua will continue to strengthen its front end sensing capabilities and back end intelligent application capabilities in order to enable more coaxial smart IoT solutions and create value for customers.

Dahua Technology

Dahua Technology is a video-centric AIoT solution and service provider.

Based on technological innovations, it offers end to end security solutions, systems and services to create values for city operations, corporate management and consumers.

With more than 23,000 employees, Dahua has deployed its products, solutions and services in 180+ countries and regions, covering key industries including smart city, traffic management, building, retail, banking and finance, education, energy and more.

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