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Capture the whole scene with Dahua full-colour dual lens 180° panoramic cameras


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Imagine walking on a busy street at night when suddenly you heard loud shouting followed by a large commotion. An incident has just happened right at the corner of your eye. You probably heard some noise and saw bits and pieces. Nevertheless, chances are you would not be able to recall every detail of what happened based on your line of sight and by just plain memory. It was dark after all.

This is basically the same dilemma that many establishments nowadays face with their traditional security surveillance. There might be cameras in the area, but not enough to cover large scenarios. Large areas typically require more cameras, leading to high deployment costs that many of us cannot afford. Under dark condition or during nighttime, images captured by traditional cameras are normally just dull black and white footages; ‘recorded with a potato’ as some would say. Also, these devices are typically not equipped with microphone or speaker, which means Two-way Talk is just simply impossible during an event.

In places such as squares, parking lots and hallways where full coverage with absolutely no blind spots is imperative, installing a panoramic camera is a no brainer. Panoramic camera, as its name suggests, is a fixed camera that can provide wide-area coverage, making it an excellent alternative to daunting installation of multiple cameras just to cover a large scene.

In terms of features and functionalities, the Dahua Full-colour Dual Lens 180° Panoramic PTZ & IPC devices tick all the boxes of an efficient security solution that can address the abovementioned monitoring challenges.

Seamless stitching & advanced image fusion technology

The Dahua Full-colour Dual Lens 180° Panoramic PTZ & IPC devices are equipped with dual sensors that deliver a 180-degree field of view. Now, how do these cameras generate a single 180° panoramic image?

First, the right and left lenses capture an image. Next, using standardised image correction technology, the camera calculates the feature values of the left and right image to avoid warping and pixel loss. Lastly, the Dahua advanced pixel-level metadata fusion algorithm enables seamless splicing of the image. The result: a seamless 180° wide-angle image of a large scene using just one camera!

Full-colour technology

For better image performance, both panoramic PTZ and IPC devices utilise Dahua’s very own Full-colour technology. Each camera lens supports F1.0 aperture to collect more light. Compared to F1.6 aperture, the light intake of F1.0 aperture is three times larger, providing significantly brighter and clearer colour image of the monitored scene even in dark environments or during night time. In addition, underneath the lenses are two warm lights, which has lesser effect on the human eyes and helps reduce light pollution in the monitored area.


One cool feature of the panoramic IPC is EPTZ (electronic pan, tilt and zoom) that uses digital zoom technology to provide real PTZ-like features on a fixed non-PTZ camera. It provides a panoramic image for a wider view of the scene, as well as sub images that focus on specific area or target. It offers five different layouts or modes. Each mode includes a wide-angle view that can hold one, three or five different sub images for a more convenient monitoring experience.

Independent mode and smart linkage mode

For the panoramic PTZ camera, both panoramic and detail views support AI functions. Two cameras can be independently deployed towards different directions to cover wider areas. What’s more, the smart linkage mode can be integrated with IVS, enabling the panoramic camera to capture the whole view of the scene while the speed dome camera zooms in to acquire details when alarms are triggered, thus increasing safety in the monitored area.

Two-way Talk

This Dahua panoramic camera is also equipped with built-in microphone and speaker that supports Two-way Talk function. When connected to the network, users can communicate through the camera anytime, anywhere. How convenient is that?

AI functions

These cameras will not be complete without AI functions. The Perimeter Protection utilises deep learning algorithm to accurately identify targets with high accuracy. It supports up to six types of rules and can provide real-time alarms and push notifications via the mobile app. The IPC has People Counting function that can accurately calculate the real-time statistics of people entering and leaving a certain area, enabling timely dispersion measures to avoid overcrowding and generating traffic flow and valuable data that can aid business analysis. It also include Smart Motion Detection (SMD) that can accurately detect targets in the monitored scene by filtering out nuisance objects like leaves, animals, headlights, etc.


Capturing the entire scene in one colour image is possible with just a single camera. The Dahua Full-colour Dual Lens 180° Panoramic PTZ & IPC devices serve as an intelligent solution that provides wide-area monitoring coverage. Larger scene can be constantly monitored with just one camera, saving time and installation costs for installers and end users. Its built-in mic and speaker enables users to communicate to the detected target in the scene anywhere and anytime. And thanks to Full-colour technology, this intelligent panoramic camera can provide clear colour images even at night, which is essential in providing 24/7 continuous monitoring in large application scenarios such as squares, hallways and parking lots.

For more information, visit: www.dahuasecurity.com

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