Cybersecurity innovation to be strengthened by Dubai Police and Digital Dubai


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Dubai Police and Digital Dubai have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in order to help improve cybersecurity skills and innovation and to fight issues caused by cyber-attacks.

The agreement was signed at GISEC 2022 and adds to the already established partnership between the two government organisations.

It means that Dubai Police and Digital Dubai will work together in various ways, such as IT specialist programmes, training and qualifying Dubai Police employees and students in cybersecurity.

According to Major-General Abdullah Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police the expanded partnership is the culmination of an extended process of close cooperation with Digital Dubai and the Dubai Electronic Security Centre. He said: “We are honoured to be partners in achieving the higher goals of the Dubai Government and implementing the vision of our wise leadership. At Dubai Police, we are committed to providing security, be it personal, psychological, economic, social, etc. Naturally, cybersecurity is an integral part of the operation, as we live in an era where digitisation is part of our way of life.”

Hamad Al Mansoori, Director-General of Digital Dubai, also highlighted that the move is in line with the efforts to ensure that Dubai remains a role model and a leader in digital transformation, which prioritises people’s wellbeing and happiness as an objective. He said: “Working to consolidate the foundations of digital life requires complete readiness in providing digital services and solutions, all while ensuring utmost safety and security in cyberspace. This is what makes today’s agreement with Dubai Police all the more important; they are a strategic partner in our efforts to create a fully digitised, integrated and secure life.”

Digital Dubai and Dubai Police will also collaborate to spread awareness of cybersecurity among all segments of the community, periodically holding simulation exercises for cyber-attacks.

The two entities will work to create educational programmes promoting cybersecurity that are tailored to the requirements of the Dubai Police. The organisations will also cooperate on efforts to spread awareness of cybersecurity issues among school students, including Hemaya Schools. As part of their efforts to drive cybersecurity innovation and skills in the UAE, Digital Dubai and Dubai Police have penned a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their partnership.

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