Cyber and tech professionals discuss strategy at virtual conference

Cyber and tech professionals discuss strategies at virtual conference

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On April 19, over 800 cybersecurity delegates attended an event focused on exploring the most effective strategies to reduce the risk posed by ransomware attacks.

ABB’s Ransom-Aware OT Defense Summit – which was put together in collaboration with Industry IoT – also assessed the major security threats to critical infrastructure.

The summit brought together cyber experts and tech leaders from companies including IBM, Cisco, Boston Consulting Group, Johnson Matthey, BASF Digital Solutions, Norsk Hydro and Boliden.

ABB “Defense in Depth” playbook

ABB also launched the “Defense in Depth” playbook at the event, providing customers with a road-map to reduce risks and strategies to safeguard their systems and data from vulnerabilities.

The playbook emphasises the use of multiple security measures and defensive mechanisms to strengthen organisations’ security posture against cyber threats.

“The likelihood of being attacked is no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’,” said Ragnar Schierholz, Global Cyber Security Portfolio Manager, ABB.

“Being complacent when it comes to cybersecurity can be as dangerous as an attack itself, and not being prepared is no longer an option.”

To download ABB’s “Defense in Depth” playbook, click here.

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