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Cubeitz Group launches hyper-secure Unified Data Management solution


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Cubeitz Group Limited has announced the launch of its new product, the world-first Unified Data Management solution. This proprietary technology developed in the United Kingdom delivers hyper-secure data storage and unrivalled collaboration. The solution enables a hybrid of secure storage, document management and workflow management supporting individual consumers right up to large enterprise customers.

Cubeitz has been created specifically to let users take back control of data wherever it is stored. The feature rich solution allows you to store, secure and share from anywhere, anytime and on any authorised device, without the need to compromise your data security.

With so many locations for data to reside in and an increasing need to share information within or across organisations the approach Cubeitz has taken is to provide a flexible and simple way for organisations to secure data wherever it is stored and allow it to easily be shared, all protected by powerful encryption.

In direct response to the increasing challenge of threats to personal and corporate information, the vision from the team at Cubeitz was to create an easy to use application that delivers powerful levels of security and gives peace of mind to users.

Taz Rose, Cubeitz Group CEO said: “I believe the business has developed a market leading solution to support consumers and businesses with data security at a time when the level of data breaches and the legislative framework to administer this are both growing.”

The continuing objective of Cubeitz is to give all users a flexible way to organise and store data across a range of locations while ensuring it delivers levels of security that exceed legislative requirements and continue to innovate as the security threat evolves.


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