New CT scanners to be deployed at German airport

CT scanners

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An airport in Germany will further strengthen its security posture by activating new CT scanners.

The airport in the capital of Bavaria will utilise the innovative technology to enhance passenger and baggage checkpoints, thus making journeys safer and more efficient.

“The new CT scanners are the next level”

According to an article published by The Munich Eye, the new scanners will be deployed in terminals one and two.

Christian Bernreiter, Transport Minister for the state of Bavaria explained that the technology had been put through rigorous testing and that “the results [were] unequivocal.”

“Passengers like the scanners because they no longer have to unpack their laptops and liquids, which makes the checks must faster.

“The CT scanners also offer extra security by seamlessly and automatically spotting explosives and other dangerous objects.

“Therefore, Bavaria is spending more than €45m to outfit all of the checkpoints at Munich Airport with cutting-edge technology.”

Jost Lammers, CEO, Munich Airport added: “The new CT scanners are the next level in terms of security, quick processing, and convenience.

“An essential part of giving our visitors a better travel experience.”

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