Crown Heights apartment development fitted with Comelit’s ViP solution

Crown Heights

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Residents at Crown Heights – an apartment development offering a ‘city lifestyle’ in the heart of Basingstoke – can now benefit from smart door entry, thanks to Comelit’s ViP solution.

Crown Heights

Crown Heights is a purpose-built development, introduced by FirstPort property management services. 

It is split into two crescent buildings around a new urban plaza and includes 288 apartments close to the town centre. The blocks rise from four storeys in the southern part of the site to 14 storeys in the northern area. 

Comelit was recommended to FirstPort as an opportunity to enhance door entry systems and present a smart solution for residents that linked directly to concierge services, without having to install new cabling or replace any of the apartment internal receivers.  

It’s “the little things”

Laura Edwards, Property Manager at FirstPort, remarked: “At FirstPort we know that residents have a rapidly-evolving set of priorities.”

“For example, many now expect that the technology infrastructure where they live will allow them to stay connected at all times. We want to ensure we can deliver on these preferences for smart living.”

“It’s sometimes the little things a managing agent can do that make a big difference and add day-to-day value. Crown Heights is a prime example with our ability to upgrade door entry systems.”

“Comelit supported us right from the initial design stages, to introduce a solution and works schedule with Lynx Maintenance, operating at all times around residents.”

ViP platform “instantly transformed the complete system”

Gary James, Electrical, Security and Fire Division Manager of Lynx Maintenance, also commented: “Crown Heights is a significant development to the town of Basingstoke. When it came to door entry, systems had to be considered in line with how to coordinate installation with minimal cabling, link to concierge services and not having to replace the receivers in the apartments.”

“Comelit’s ViP platform with a Multi User Gateway, installed to be administered by the Concierge team, meets these requirements and almost instantly transformed the complete system, enabling residents to answer calls on their phones and grant access to the block.”

“The system can be managed either from the building manager or remotely meaning any changes to resident details or telephone numbers can be carried out quickly and easily.”

“for the benefit of residents”

Comelit’s specification team worked with FirstPort and Lynx Maintenance in a partnership approach to ensure the door entry system specified for Crown Heights, fitted with the intentions for the development and operated with the general security arrangements onsite, for the safety of all residents and on-site staff.

Dan Wood, Southern Sales Manager for Comelit, added: “The intricate nature of video and audio door entry products as Comelit specialise, when considered with latest IP solutions and from a general security perspective, means it’s necessary to understand the design works of the building.”

“At Crown Heights, taking such a partnership approach, presented the opportunity to advise on the best technology required for the benefit of residents.”

“This was not just from a functional perspective in providing ViP as an upgrade opportunity to enable smart door entry, but also to ensure there was no compromise to style, as is synonymous with the Comelit brand, and befitting to the design of this ‘city-lifestyle’ development.”

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