Major financial growth for crime prevention services provider


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Elite Interactive Solutions has posted a 40% increase in revenues for (fiscal) 2022.

The remote crime prevention services provider has attributed such growth to the demand for its Digital Guards solution, which has proven to be 96% effective in preventing non-violent criminal activity, with the 4% balance resulting in criminal arrest, according to company data.

The company’s solution has also proven to eliminate false alarms to law enforcement, resulting in unnecessary dispatch of police or guard personnel.

This helps clients further reduce unnecessary operational costs, while increasing response time urgency when real events of importance are occurring – typically with an eyes-on response averaging seven seconds or less.

“There is a new imperative for on-demand security given the unprecedented increase in brazen criminal activity and apparent lack of concern of apprehension,” said Aria Kozak, CEO, Elite Interactive.

“As more businesses experience the unrivalled crime prevention in real time with no false alarms to law enforcement, news of Elite Interactive’s proven solution continues to drive new business from companies that are simply tired of losing profits to criminal activity.”

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