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Consultants risk being left ‘behind the times’


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Due to the ever-increasing pace and development of technology, security consultants run the risk of being behind the curve when it comes to the latest technology and how it can be operationally deployed to support end user requirements.

The opportunity to work closely with the end user, wider stakeholders and commercial departments of an organisation is key to delivering operationally supportive and cost-effective fit for purpose security systems that secure the organisations day-to-day operations. The effective way of achieving the above is through the completion of a Security Operational Requirement (SyOR) for the planned systems.

Brendan McGarrity, Head of Risk & Design at Evolution,  says: “There is a real need to work from a solid knowledge platform in relation to a client’s organisational risk and operational constraints, only then can the systems be designed to mitigate the identified and documented  risk that the success of the system can be measured against.”

Thankfully, Brendan says, the industry is moving away from the ‘old school’ methods of consultancy and steadily towards something more relevant and current: “True consultancy is about building a roadmap to meet future demand, and creating end-to-end solutions and partnerships that endure, rather than the ‘fire and forget’ projects of yesteryear.

“It means having a thorough understanding of the risk involved with each individual site and the applicability of (and compliance with) all relevant Codes, Acts and legislation. Similarly, a robust understanding of the latest technology and how it can be applied, as well as having the right policies and procedures in place is crucial for security to become a business enabler and not a barrier to progress.”

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