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Tackling some of the myths surrounding the electric fence

Tackling some of the myths surrounding the electric fence

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Electric fences can sometimes scare people. That is what they are intended to do. But, security consultants shouldn’t be scared of this very effective solution, reports APS.

For example, the first question people often ask about Advanced Perimeter Systems’ 10,000 pulsed volts Electro-Fence is: “How can that be non-lethal?” Or, as is often asked: “Is it legal?”

Not only is it legal, it’s also the safest perimeter deterrent out there. Unlike barbed or razor wire fences, which often leave kids and pets sustaining horrific injuries, Electro-Fence will only injure a trespasser’s pride.

In an era where there are plenty out there willing to turn to litigation, that’s worth considering. By delivering a pulsed 10,000 volt shock, Electro-Fence delivers a nasty short sharp shock which will repel intruders, not kill them.

All of our energisers are backwards compatible to make expansion or upgrades simple. We support our product ranges with excellent customer service throughout the product lifecycle so that, no matter how long the system has been in place, we will have the parts to fix it if ever required.

People often assume that running a 10,000-volt electric fence will take you to the bank and cost a fortune. Well, it may come to a surprise for most to find out that boiling your kettle will use more power than our 10,000-volt, electric fence.

The average power consumption of an APS electric fence is eight watts, with the peak power consumption rising to only 20 watts when in alarm. The average kettle power consumption is around 400 watts to boil a cup – that’s 20 times the power consumption of our electric fence.

APS offers an electric fence with a solar power option, meaning it can run off fully renewable energy, so not only is it cheaper than a cup of tea, its free if using solar!

Many of our electric fences have been in place for years, still fully effective and functioning with very little maintenance. We are seeing an increasing number of clients opting to upgrade their fence to an APS system due to the performance and reliability of our energisers, not to mention excellent lifetime customer support, making retrofit an easier project than you might imagine.

The obvious physical presence of the electric fence with its bright yellow warning signs presents a potent frontline deterrent. Access to the premises can therefore be denied at the perimeter.

Pulstar Electro-Fence is a high security product which has been tried and tested for military use – so you can be assured it will give you the ultimate perimeter protection while being cost effective.

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