Computer vision platform creates opportunities in the MENA region


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VisionLabs has unveiled its flagship product in the Middle East market.

According to the company, its IoT platform, the LUNA ACE Management Server, integrates with existing security systems and subsequently provides orchestration of data flows.

This includes everything from facial recognition terminals to access control systems and surveillance.

“Robust automation”

“The MENA market is experiencing soaring demand for advanced technologies to protect its rapidly developing infrastructure,” commented Bhushan Kate, IMEA Regional Director, VisionLabs.

“The LUNA ACE Management Server spearheads the next generation of access governance and security analytics.

“Organisations in the Middle East can now leverage robust automation tailored to their risk management needs while ensuring compliance,” Kate added.

Facial recognition technologies are widely utilised across the MENA region, with organisations and infrastructure deploying the advanced systems.

The LUNA ACE Management Server’s video forensics enable the rapid detection of individuals and objects of interest across stored footage.

The solution is being piloted by over 50 leading Middle Eastern enterprises.

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