Commend continues tradition of innovation in healthcare


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Commend Americas has announced enhancements to its communication platform to provide hospitals and clinics with additional flexibility in how to apply unified communications across their infrastructures. The company’s core technology allows healthcare providers to leverage a single platform that supports secure use cases, including security and operational communications and clinical and operating room communication and workflow.

Rapid response and effective communication can make a significant difference in patient health in these complex and fast-moving environments, especially in emergency and operating rooms. Commend’s unified communication platform provides direct multi-site contact across facilities, laboratories, patient rooms and quarantine areas. It also supports necessary functions for efficient door access for high-risk areas, such as maternity wards, pharmacies, nurseries and limited access areas. 

Through flexible, scalable and efficient workflows, Commend intercom technologies enhance the visitor, patient and staff experience. Reliable and secure communications reduce the need for unnecessary guard intervention while clinical efficiency is elevated with Commend’s two-way communication. Overall, Commend’s unified approach to communications reduces maintenance and integration costs while providing a robust platform to build a powerful communications strategy. 

Over the past year, Commend has enhanced its unified communications technologies for hospitals and clinics, including:

  • Commend’s two-way, real-time audio integrates with a leading remote sitter workstation enabling centralised patient monitoring. The Commend speaker and microphone are ceiling-mounted in each patient room and connected to a remote sitter platform. This unique placement provides the hospital the ability to quickly give audible notifications and instructions to the patient. Commend’s advanced audio quality and microphone dynamics provide the clarity required to overcome the acoustically challenging environment within a hospital.
  • Symphony Cloud, an intercom cloud platform, enables intelligent cloud services and is based on stringent cybersecurity protocols.
  • Other options enable multiple cloud migration paths for customers. Symphony Bridge benefits from on-premises servers with cloud capability, while Symphony On-Prem delivers server power for a different range of functions such as control desk management with dynamic call queues, visualisation, reporting and much more. On-prem servers also open the world of integrations, connecting your solution with systems from leading manufacturers of video management, access control, public address and much more.
  • Symphony Mesh enables IP devices such as vandal resistant stations, touchscreen stations, modules and loudspeakers, to form an intelligent communication network. Through the power of edge computing, Symphony Mesh delivers fail safe redundant communications in the event the virtual appliance or cloud experience interruptions.
  • Defence-in-depth strategy for device and data security delivers protection via secure network access and data transfer protection. Commend is dedicated to ensuring comprehensive cyber defence to protect patient and business data and ensure patient and facility security. It reaffirms its mission to provide the utmost in cybersecurity with recent ISO 27001 and IEC 62443 certifications.

“For the past 50 years, we have been a trusted leader in the unified communications market. Today, we continue to invest in innovative technologies that demonstrate our ongoing commitment to solving healthcare organisations’ most complex business problems,” said Tom Reilly, President, Commend Americas. “The expertise and recognition we have built in this segment help us deliver the solutions that bring a wide range of benefits to these mission-critical environments. Healthcare stakeholders are beginning to experience the simplicity and cost-efficiency of the unified platform approach and we are well-positioned to help them further evolve their communication infrastructures.”

Commend America’s investments in its solution for healthcare follow a strong year in which the company experienced sustained growth and secured significant deals with federal, healthcare, corporate and education customers.

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