Cognyte announces Symphia portfolio to support intelligent security operations


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Cognyte Situational Intelligence Solutions (SIS) has unveiled its Symphia solutions portfolio, designed to connect and synchronise mission-critical systems to gain contextualised, visual insights to threats and risks.

Developed to empower security practitioners with informed decision-making and optimal response, Symphia is an intelligence-driven portfolio of security solutions that work in concert to deliver actionable insights for deeper situational awareness and command and control. Symphia solutions fuse inputs from multiple security systems and thousands of cameras and sensors for a comprehensive view across an entire business. Through AI and predictive analytics, SOCs in mission-critical and highly dispersed security environments can anticipate threats in real-time and prevent risk scenarios. 

“With Symphia, security practitioners can transform security operations with intelligent, data-driven security management and response while simplifying operations and reducing costs,” said Alan Stoddard, President, Cognyte North America. “By supporting the integration of any device, service, or solution and combine data into one pane-of-glass, organisations achieve higher levels of awareness. Symphia then takes it a step further by analysing combined data and providing guidance on how to best respond.”

With increased demand to simplify, streamline and improve the efficiency of existing technology investments, there is an increasing interest in solutions that enable the integration of both legacy and new devices. Symphia integrates all devices and data points; it analyses and visualises disparate information at scale to help teams identify what matters most.

The Symphia portfolio includes:

Symphia VMS
A fully integrated video management platform that includes automated system health monitoring and event responses, investigation management and a software-based virtual matrix. It is designed to make video security more manageable, reliable and cost-effective. It is based on open architecture and scales from a single location to large, complex and geographically distributed operations.

Symphia One
Transforms the standard security operations centre (SOC) to an intelligent security operations centre (ISOC) by delivering information that supports data-driven security management and response. Actionable intelligence helps predict, prepare and prevent potential threats and mitigate active incidents. 

Symphia Control
Collects, interprets and contextualises massive amounts of data from multiple systems and inputs to deliver comprehensive situational awareness for greater command and control. Enables operators to make immediate decisions with up-to-the-minute information. 

Symphia NowForce
Incident management and response technology fuses critical data and immediately provides comprehensive situational awareness. Dispatchers, responders and other resources can share insights — in real-time — utilising live and historical event data with GIS maps, geo-fencing, responder positions, reporter inputs and other external sources. 

Symphia Connect
Supports flow of data between integrated safety and security systems across the Symphia portfolio. With these integrations, an organisation can improve response time, lower costs and increase operational efficiency. 

For a complete list of Cognyte solutions purpose-built for a broad spectrum of demanding security environments, visit the company’s website. Customers interested in seeing this new portfolio can visit Cognyte at ISC West at booth #23099 in Las Vegas, 22-25 March, 2022.

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