Cogniac Corporation and Cisco Meraki partner to deliver AI-powered vision applications


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A strategic partnership has been announced between Cogniac Corporation and Cisco Meraki. The collaboration aims to accelerate the delivery of AI-powered computer vision applications at the edge of the network.

It will also assist in creating smarter, more automated spaces to improve employee activity, customer experiences and automate operations without requiring new infrastructure.

Cloud-managed smart camera solution

With a Meraki cloud-managed smart camera solution, organisations can leverage video intelligence to build customised experiences for safer environments and smarter spaces. Customers can address a wide variety of use cases that require unique analytics. For example, a manufacturer can improve safety, by ensuring that workers are outfitted with industrial PPE and tracking the location of heavy machinery.

Warehouses and manufacturers can also check for product defects on the assembly line. Additionally, a restaurant chain can monitor finished products, in order to ensure quality control and minimise waste. Furthermore, retailers can track high value inventory to optimise product flow and reduce loss.

AI-based visual observation and inspection

Vahan Tchakerian, the Chief Partnership Officer at Cogniac Corporation, said: “At Cogniac, we are committed to bringing the power of enterprise-class AI-based visual observation and inspection to businesses, regardless of their in-house expertise. Our ground-breaking partnership with Meraki gives businesses the ability to leverage the power of AI at the edge with MV smart cameras.”

Through the collaboration, the Cisco Meraki cloud-managed networking platform and Meraki MV smart cameras will integrate with the Cogniac AI-powered platform. This will allow businesses to quickly build and deploy powerful machine learning models that use video and image data, to observe business critical events, without requiring expert AI resources.

AI for Computer Vision global market

According to research analysts, the Artificial Intelligence for Computer Vision global market is expected to grow from US$ 7.3 billion in 2020 to US$ 84.4 billion in 2027. This integration allows the expanding tier of small-to-medium-sized businesses attain the ability to harness computer vision to accelerate efficient growth.

Andreas Nordgren, the Head of Camera Intelligence at Cisco Meraki, said: “As organisations strive to become more efficient by leveraging new technologies, they need more effective ways to build smart spaces that address these emerging business challenges.”

Cogniac and Cisco Meraki partnership

Nordgren adds: “Our strategic partnership with Cogniac not only supports the new custom computer vision capabilities on the MV smart cameras, but also provides customers with the tools, data and insights they need, to optimise their business operation.

“Ultimately, it will allow them to make data-driven decisions that will accelerate employee productivity, enhance customer experiences and optimise their operations.”

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