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Codelocks releases its third generation KitLock with NetCode


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Codelocks announces availability of its new KitLock, the KL1000 G3 NetCode. The new locker lock combines the style and functionality of the popular KL1000 G3 KitLock with the convenience of Codelocks’ NetCode technology – enabling administrators to generate temporary date and time-sensitive access codes.

The KL1000 G3 NetCode can be set up to provide either short or long-term access for users and includes all the features introduced with the KL1000 G3 – including a key override function, easy access to the battery compartment and the option to include Slam Latch for fast ‘push shut’ closure. However, this new addition to the KitLock by Codelocks range boasts Codelocks’ NetCode technology.

The NetCode Function enables lock administrators to generate a single-use code via the online Codelocks Connect Portal or by utilising the Codelocks Connect Application Programming Interface. The code can then be sent by text or email – giving the recipient access to the locker on a specified date and for a set period of time.

Colin Campbell, Managing Director at Codelocks said: “The KL1000 G3 NetCode has been designed through the evolution of our best-selling KitLock, the KL1000 and comes with all the popular features of the KL1000 Classic+. The KL1000 G3 was a hugely popular addition to our KitLock range – so it made sense to add NetCode capability to its existing functions.

“NetCode works by using time and date-based algorithms, synced between the lock and software upon initial programming. WiFi isn’t required – this helps customers to generate NetCodes and manage access control wherever they are, even in the most remote locations.”

Private and Public Functions make it ideal for schools, offices and leisure facilities where lockers may be allocated on either short or long-term basis and the NetCode Function makes it perfect for visiting service engineers, delivery personnel and venues where staff might want to grant short-term access via a simple text or email.

KL1000 G3 NetCode has a modern chrome effect finish that reflects the locks surroundings –giving it a slimmer, subtle aesthetic. Customers can choose to add Clean by Codelocks, an optional antibacterial finish which protects against viruses, bacteria and environmental toxins. The clear coating has been shown to be highly effective at eliminating the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and can reduce bacterial growth by 99.96%.

The KL1000 G3 NetCode is available now and, shares the same fittings and fixings as the KL1000 Classic+, so existing installations can be easily upgraded and retrofitted.

For more information on KL1000 G3 NetCode, visit: www.codelocks.co.uk/g3netcode

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