Cloudview unveils next-generation cloud video recording solution


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Cloudview has unveiled its latest cloud-based video surveillance solution to the CCTV market. Buoyed by two successful funding rounds, Cloudview’s latest cloud video recording system (CVR) is now ready for launch.

This next-generation technology unifies, manages and securely consolidates smart-triggered events from IP CCTV cameras in any location. Data is stored safely and is always accessible. Built from the ground up, the CVR utilises British technology with military-grade data security and ‘privacy by design’ at its core.

Cloudview’s CVR enables the capture, storage and management of visual data using the Cloud, and securely consolidates visual data from any number of CCTV systems into a unified, encrypted account held on secure Cloud servers and supported by Amazon Web Services. All data is hosted within the UK and Cloudview’s role-based access controls allow businesses to manage their visual data so only users who require to see certain content are allowed to, helping businesses with their GDPR compliance.

Compatible with virtually any IP-based camera and system, the CVR system offers smart detection to maintain an active CCTV network and minimise system downtime. The Cloudview CVR can support business transformations from older analogues systems into new IP-based networks. It also overhauls and can unify siloed parts of existing systems into a centrally managed CCTV system.

Optimised to work across any online or mobile network, Cloudview’s CVR offers scalable cloud storage for CCTV camera that can support single-camera to large-scale multisite operations. Recorded events are then accessible anywhere via your web. By ensuring the safety and security of assets and people, it allows clients to focus on their core business goals.

“The success of our recent funding rounds means we can now accelerate our activity to increase traction in the UK market,” says new CEO, Keith Cornell. “The Cloudview CVR is key and represents the natural evolution of security technology. Our central aim has not changed – to keep people and assets safe.”

“Using the cloud as the foundation means we can provide a system that delivers on that promise. CVR is flexible, easy, compatible and versatile enough for any security-conscious organisation, no matter what their specific needs may be. With compliance and transparency baked into the system, our CVR solution offers a future-proof platform that will not only change the CCTV industry, but also set the benchmark for all future operations.”

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