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Why the cloud is coming for the access control market


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Regular service and maintenance of all security systems are essential to ensure a high level of protection.

With cloud-based solutions, updates and other services can be done remotely, contributing to cost efficiency and sustainability. At its most basic, cloud-based solutions give installers access to remote maintenance reports, automatically store configuration backup files and provide remote firmware upgrades and user management, to name a few.

There is no doubt that access control solutions will become increasingly cloud-based systems in the near future. This is a prediction that I am basing from my conversations with many of our customers. I often hear from our partners worldwide about what a great advantage cloud-based solutions give them in their work.

Importantly, there are advantages for both the installer and the system user. For instance, there is great flexibility in managing different installations from a distance. Meanwhile, the user can control the majority of installations in real time and take advantage of the remote diagnostics for various security systems provided by the system.

With an ever-increasing crime rate, access systems will play a critical role in ensuring that the right people have access. The most effective way to protect different values or people is to limit and control physical or virtual access. This is another benefit of cloud-based technology. You can control all features from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone to monitor events, remotely unlock doors, and even disable users.

Cloud-based security systems are ideal for integrators or installation companies who want to create a service-based business model – access control as-a-service (ACaaS) – or already have it. The cloud delivers information quickly, making it easy for technicians to perform updates and services remotely. The ideal end-customer target groups are companies with the majority of smaller or medium-sized facilities distributed over a larger geographical area. This can be, for example, in retail or office space is a good target group.

I am convinced that the access control solutions of the future will be formed based on a combination of openness, scalability, intelligent integrations and cloud services. Access systems are expected to grow by at least 8.5 percent annually by 2024. I believe that companies should adapt quickly and create unique offers and concepts for access control as a service (ACaaS).

Cloud-based access control enables a future-proof business model that generates recurring revenue for security companies, thereby guaranteeing a monthly payment into their bank accounts. Recurring revenue creates a steady income stream, brings high profit and increases cash flow. In addition, instead of just benefiting from a one-time purchase, installers can benefit from installation, training, integration, customisation and support opportunities.

There is no doubt about it in my mind. The future is cloud-based. And it is taking over the access control market soon.

By Alexander Holmström, Director of Global Sales & Marketing at ACRE International

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