CLIQ access control plays a key role improving security and product safety


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Food safety, employee health and site security must all work in harmony to ensure the efficient operation of a large-scale food producer. At LFC Milling in South Africa, CLIQ key-operated electronic access control helps to ensure that happens.

LFC Milling manufactures maize products and sell a range of prominent brands into the South African market. Maize is received from farmers, undergoes several cleaning stages and is then milled. The large LFC plant houses high-end manufacturing equipment used in the process.

LFC Milling were looking for an access control solution which would enable the business to manage access throughout their wide-ranging site and control employee access to specific machines and equipment. The system needed to log all access into specific zones like storage areas, giving security staff the ability to generate audit trails when needed.

This further benefits the health and safety of personnel because it restricts access to any potentially dangerous areas or specialist equipment. The access management software was another major concern during the commissioning and specification process. The demand was a system with software which is easy to use, enabling swift onboarding of new personnel and quick changes to staff access rights when needed.

The advantages of CLIQ in a manufacturing site

LFC Milling chose CLIQ key-operated access control from ASSA ABLOY. “We need to ensure that our employees and production processes are safe and secure at all times — and CLIQ supports that,” explains Cobus van der Linde, General Manager at LFC Milling Pty Ltd.

Thanks to CLIQ battery-powered programmable keys and locking cylinders now only authorised personnel enter designated areas from toolrooms to storage areas, or can operate specific plant equipment.

For the management of access rights LFC deployed CLIQ Web Manager (CWM) software alongside a CLIQ Wall Programming Device and CLIQ Remote functionality. Keys can be updated conveniently around the site. For added security, CLIQ keys are also set for specific revalidation periods: If a key is lost, it is quickly excluded from the system. The CWM software interface simplifies user, key and door management, as well as time-and-date functionality. It also provides audit trail reports should an administrator need to track access into a specific area or by a specific person. This has significantly improved accountability and security.

CLIQ’s extensive range of programmable locking devices meets the needs of almost any door or application. Padlocks secure exterior roller doors, machines and other equipment. Electronic cylinders protect higher security doors, swing-style security gates and standard doors.

“The CLIQ system allows for easy management of access control in a dynamic environment with continuous production and extremely high health and safety standards,” adds van der Linde.

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