City of London Police partners with Motorola Solutions

City of London Police partners with Motorola Solutions

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Motorola Solutions has announced that City of London Police will utilise the company’s VB400 body-worn cameras, rolling out its solution to the entire police force. 

The VB400 body-worn cameras will integrate seamlessly with the police force’s existing ecosystem of technologies to maximise end to end safety, security and productivity.

Helping officers to serve and protect

According to the company, its solution has been paired with the Pronto mobile digital policing platform, which will align video footage with report information and connectivity.

In addition, a wide range of sensors will automate recording when critical events occur.

Superintendent Neal Donohoe, City of London Police said: “City of London Police is dedicated to ensuring London is a safe and attractive destination, and the body-worn camera roll out will help our officers continue to serve and protect those who live in, work in and visit the city.

“The new video technology will capture valuable incident footage that provides an objective record to promote transparency and accountability while also helping to keep our officers and communities safe.”

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