Cisco XDR ransomware recovery feature added

Cisco XDR

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Cisco has unveiled a major enhancement to its Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Cisco XDR, solution.

The enterprise networking and security company has added ransomware recovery to the response process.

Cisco XDR

With this announcement, Cisco has confirmed that its XDR can now offer near real time recovery for operations post-ransomware attack.

Bridging the time gap between the start of an attack and getting a clear picture of mission critical information, Cisco XDR enables new levels of business continuity. 

This enhancement drives momentum towards the company’s vision of the Cisco Security Cloud, a unified, AI-driven security platform.

“Redefining what a security product should deliver”

“The exponential growth of ransomware and cyber extortion has made a platform approach crucial to effectively counter adversaries,” commented Cisco’s Jeetu Patel.

“Our objective is to build a resilient and open cybersecurity platform that can withstand ransomware assaults and recover with minimal impact, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

“As a global infrastructure provider that built the network, Cisco is redefining what a security product should deliver,” the Executive Vice President and General Manager of Security and Collaboration added

“Our innovations with automated ransomware recovery are a significant step towards achieving truly unified detection and response data, turning security insights into action.”

Cisco XDR helps strengthen security postures

“Cisco is quickly disrupting the security landscape across their entire portfolio and their XDR solution could become the de facto reference architecture organisations turn to,” said Chris Konrad, Area Vice President, Global Cyber, World Wide Technology.

“Not only does it provide broad visibility by integrating data across endpoints, network, cloud and other sources – this extensive attack surface insight allows for superior threat detection using advanced analytics.

“Organisations should strongly consider the implementation of Cisco XDR to bolster their security posture and safeguard assets effectively.

“Cisco undoubtedly is contributing to the overall resilience of any organisation.” 

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