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Chinese city of Fuzhou puts trust in Airbus secure communication technology


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Once again, the capital of the Fujian province signed a contract with Airbus for the supply of secure communications technology, this time for their newest metro line under construction.

This contract is one of three won by Airbus for Fuzhou’s metro lines. Indeed, the company already secures both metro lines 1 and 2, which were respectively put into operation in 2016 and 2019 and are equipped by Airbus. To this day, Airbus has provided secure Tetra communication solutions to the metro lines of 18 Chinese cities.

Fuzhou’s new metro line will receive a Tetra communication system composed of a Taira ServerTB3 base stations for optimal and unrivalled network coverage, as well as TMR880i mobile radios and TH1n slim and lightweight terminals for staff members. The new metro line 6 will be over 36 km long and will serve the approximately 7.74 million inhabitants of the Chinese city. The first section is planned to go into operation in 2021.

“Many of our customers in the transport sector in China acknowledge and appreciate the reliability and efficiency of our solutions,” declares Marko Tiesmaki, Head of the Asia-Pacific region for Secure Land Communications at Airbus. “This recent contract shows that they count on us as a trustworthy supplier in that domain and confirms our leading position in this market,” he adds.

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