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CEO of STid chats security market evolutions and 2023 focuses


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Vincent Dupart, CEO, STid speaks exclusively with International Security Journal.

What are the major trends in access control you are seeing currently?

First, security managers have become aware of the importance of choosing trusted technologies that guarantee certified and interoperable security.

As opposed to the proprietary solutions that were the trend in the 1990s and 2000s, these technologies are open, scalable and are becoming standards. They allow you to remain autonomous and in control of your security. It is one of STid’s keys to success!

Another trend: The need for contactless access control solutions is increasing. The challenge is to offer a seamless user experience without affecting corporate security levels. The ubiquitous smartphone brings immense potential for new access control uses and better integration into our daily lives.

Always-available virtual badges are easier to use, reduce loss and theft and speed up access processes. And, worldwide standards are helping to make scalable mobile solutions a reality.

More mobility brings an increase in threats to IT infrastructure of both large and small organisations, often subject to attacks in both the physical and digital world.

A nefarious person with physical access to the corporate server room or a workstation connected to the network may access critical IT systems with disastrous consequences. The migration to high security solutions is essential!

Can you tell us what STid’s key focuses are for 2023?

With a growth of 120% in two years and four additional awards in 2022, the current dynamic confirms our ambitions for 2026 and prompts us to accelerate our deployment.

For more than 25 years, STid has created and developed identification solutions for high security access control and automatic vehicle identification to make everyday life easier while ensuring effective data protection.

Our international development is one of our priorities for this new year, in the US, South America and the Middle East. Our teams are quickly establishing themselves there (+500% in two years) and ensure the implementation of a proximity strategy that guarantees the highest level of service.

This expansion matches the ambitions announced by STid as part of its 2021-2026 growth plan!

What are the strengths of STid’s high security access control readers?

STid readers and solutions are compatible with all access control systems currently available. The modular setup of STid’s unique readers futureproof the infrastructure of end users and allow partners to offer enhanced levels of security to their clients, even when their secured estates grow or their needs change – or when technological upgrades are required.

Finally, how successful was Intersec for the STid team?

It was a fabulous edition! We created a new immersive experience in high security identification. We showcased hands-on demonstrations of the power of our STid Mobile ID platform, the comprehensive range of scalable Architect readers and the performance of our SPECTRE nano reader, which has recently won four awards.

Our partners and visitors were totally engaged with our vision and the infinite possibilities of our products and solutions in high security identification!

This article was originally published in the February 2023 edition of International Security Journal. To read your FREE digital edition, click here.

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