CEO of Heras confirms new UK structure is delivering positive results


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The Chief Executive Officer of Heras – Europe’s leading end-to-end supplier of permanent and mobile perimeter protection solutions – has spoken of the company’s sales upturn and its ambitions for its UK division following the introduction of a new structure and a simplification of its product portfolio.

On a visit to the UK’s head office in Doncaster, Netherlands-based Gilles Rabot said the permanent UK division of the company saw strong first quarter sales and healthy sales forecasting for the next quarter – and beyond – after the business’s successful implementation of a new structure and product strategy to bring the company closer to its customers.

He said Heras recognised that with its previous and overly comprehensive portfolio of products the company was actually offering too much choice to customers – which was over-complicating its sales process.

Mr Rabot added that whilst the UK is a unique market – in comparison to many of the 24 territories across Europe in which Heras operates – the closer alignment of Heras in the UK with the rest of the businesses is already bringing a raft of benefits, such as quicker delivery and installation of products.

He said: “We invested significantly in a thorough review process of our UK operation last year because we can see the undoubted potential of the UK market but recognised that we sometimes weren’t best placed to meet customers’ needs. 

“The biggest beneficiaries of our new structure are our customers. There has been a significant reduction in lead times and improved product quality resulting from the product portfolio simplification. With a more customer-relationship-based sales approach, we are better able to understand the requirements of our clients and to utilise our extensive perimeter protection expertise to provide them with the best possible solutions.

“To clients, prospects and industry stakeholders alike, my message to all is that in the short term, as well as the medium and longer terms, Heras is very committed to growing significantly in the UK. Key to this is providing quality perimeter security solutions to customers, on time and in budget.”

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