CCTV? IoT? Cybersecurity? What can visitors expect from SICUREZZA 2023?

CCTV? IoT? Cybersecurity? What can visitors expect from SICUREZZA 2023?

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SICUREZZA 2023 is once again a primary reference point for security and fire prevention professionals.

Scheduled to take place at Fiera Milano from 15-17 November 2023 and supported by industry stakeholders, SICUREZZA already counts more than 250 registered companies from 20 different countries and over 80% of the trade show area is already occupied.

The confirmed brands also include important returns and several new entries, accounting for 30% of the attendance. Thus, all sectors of the market are represented, confirming SICUREZZA as a key event for business development, networking and professional training.

The international top buyer recruitment project has also gotten off to a flying start, with membership from 25 countries and especially a strengthened presence from Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean Basin, the Middle East and North and South Africa.

Digitalisation, integrated and customised intelligent systems will be the central focus of the entire event, to provide professionals and realities from across the industry the opportunity to speak and at the same time connect: CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Fire Prevention, Access Control, Passive Security, CyberSecurity.

Like every edition, the training program will be rich, providing a unique opportunity to learn about the most advanced solutions, to discover new skills and expertise and to keep abreast of trends, regulations and scenarios.

CCTV: IoT and Data Security

As part of the progressive rise of the security market, and in particular of the CCTV sector, the drive towards IoT technologies, device integration and consequently data security, is leading the way.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning have indeed become an integral part of video surveillance and, as visitors will see at SICUREZZA, will continue to be key themes.

It is no coincidence, therefore, that an increasing variety of vertical markets – retail, transport, education, government and finance – are showing growing interest in the development of video surveillance systems, which have multiple functionalities and at the same time provide multi-level cyber protection.

ANTI-INTRUSION: Interconnection and Training

The anti-intrusion sector is now facing a progressive push towards digital, as well as the specific requirements of Smart Home and Smart Building.

Compliance with European directives, comfort, interconnection and cloud are the features of the new solutions; remote control intrusion detection systems are leading the way.

These systems become advanced architectures capable of managing multiple functions such as alarm, video surveillance, home automation and access control simultaneously. For this reason, design, development and adaptation to standards are particularly important, but so too is the training of installers, who are the link between end users and manufacturers.

Today’s network of installers must be fully educated, through certifications and training programs, as will be seen at SICUREZZA 2023, an event which has always provided a full training program.

FIRE PREVENTION: Between Regulation and Digitisation

The global fire market is a vital sector for the safety of people and property worldwide. Made up of a wide range of products, services and solutions for fire prevention, detection and extinguishing, it is a complex system where constant attention to regulations and global market accreditation is crucial.

The global fire market is expected to see a significant increase in demand by 2027 due to the ever-increasing requirement for safe buildings and the need to comply with constantly evolving local, national and international regulations.

Digital and wireless solutions have made it possible to develop increasingly sophisticated and customised systems capable of constantly monitoring buildings and facilities as well as optimising the maintenance and management of installations.

Many companies attending SICUREZZA deal with this vast array of regulations, practices and innovations, making the trade fair an opportunity for in-depth analysis and discussion for each industry sector.

ACCESS CONTROL: Far More Than That

Biometrics, QR-CODE, Bluetooth or NFC access systems are just some of the many and most recent technologies applicable to access control, making it essential to stay abreast of new market proposals for effective management of security and user flows within buildings.

After all, electronic systems have broadened the horizon of access points to include new features, ranging from attendance management to risk prevention and security efficiency; complex solutions that confirm the central importance of integration and interconnection.

SICUREZZA will be an opportunity to assess how the sector is evolving, which application areas are most in demand and the latest developments on the technology front.

Passive Solutions and Energy Efficiency

In increasingly modern and high performance architectural structures, passive security systems also have to adapt in the name of innovation, ensuring safety – but also design.

These three elements are required to coexist, as confirmed by many of the companies representing the supply chain that have already registered for SICUREZZA 2023, which opens a window on another important issue, that of combining these aspects with energy efficiency and sustainability, which are now more fundamental than ever.

THE CYBER SECURITY ARENA: An Essential Appointment

SICUREZZA 2023 wants to provide a joint response to digitisation in the security sector and the related updating, which is now the foundation of any activity in the supply chain. So, the Cyber Security Arena returns.

This is a trade show and training area set up by Business International, the content division of Fiera Milano, where experts, national security experts, academics and companies will analyse trends, share best practices and present the latest innovations on the subject.

The goal is to create a concrete space for in-depth study and training dedicated to professionals in the sector, that will be quick and vertical. Here, solutions and case histories for all areas of application will be presented, thus providing visitors and users with the complete and practical approach that has always characterised SICUREZZA’s offering.

For professionals interested in visiting the event, ticketing is already available online at

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