Camlock Systems introduces electronic locking as smart as the technology it protects


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Camlock Systems has launched the Series 100, an exclusive motorised rotary latch with dual stainless steel locking jaws.

In its pursuit to develop the smartest locking technology, the company has engineered and manufactured its strongest electronic latch yet. Packed with innovative features, the exclusive Series 100 is an ultra-strength motorised rotary latch that epitomises Camlock’s commitment to creating flexible, high-quality, modular locking solutions.

By understanding customer needs and keeping pace with their technological advances, Camlock is able to channel 100+ years of experience into the development of locking systems that offer the ultimate protection of your assets. Developing the high-strength, tamper and shock-resistant mechanism of the Series 100 is just one of the ways the firm has responded to the technological needs of its customers.

Designed for high volume applications with large machine estates, this patented latch offers a unique solution to concealed, electronic latching. By doubling the number of jaws compared to a typical latch, the two symmetrical jaws built-in corrosion-resistant steel not only reinforce the latch’s strength but also provide more convenient mounting options. The inherent strength of the Series 100 is a result of the dual jaws placing equal force on the locking bar, securing it into place.

Furthermore, the Series 100 uses a geared motor instead of a traditional “hair-trigger” mechanism. The powerful motor delivers enough force to operate heavy doors, performs reliably under load and combined with the two, strong jaws protects the latch against vibration, spike and percussive shock.

In addition to being strong, the intelligent mechanism delivers the ultimate power-efficiency by maintaining low power and recalibrating only when needed, instead of after every cycle. With 60% less power usage than other rotary latches, the Series 100 saves you money whether mains, battery-powered or both.

With Camlock Systems solutions you can be sure of an accurate fit every time and the innovative design of the Series 100 is no different, offering a flush, concealed fit for versatile installation. The powerful, geared motor, can spring open even heavy doors, with minimal power usage, while the optional ‘pull or spring-to-open’ operation gives you control over how powerfully the latch propels the door open.

If your technology requires smarter locking systems, you need a smarter locking partner. Built on three generations of locking innovation, Camlock Systems has built a reputation for precision and quality through the design and engineering of patented mechanical and electronic locking technology that meets the unique needs of customers.

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