New door entry camera terminals with health screening functions launched by Remsdaq

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Remsdaq has launched a new range of facial recognition camera terminals with artificial intelligence functions for body temperature and face mask screening.

The camera terminals are ideal for organisations looking to make their buildings COVID-secure using contactless technologies and can measure temperatures to within +/- 0.3°C.  They can be used as a stand-alone screening solution or installed as part of a building’s access control system using a built-in Wiegand interface.

The camera terminals can be stand mounted, wall mounted or fitted to an entrance turnstile and are easy to set-up. Typical applications include screening visitors, patients, students, customers, employees and subcontractors who want to enter a building or areas inside where people mix and need to be protected.

The camera terminals store up to 25,000 events and can connect to local IP networks. A built-in speaker provides local audio alerts and remote alarms can be broadcast over a network or a mobile phone application. The software supports up to 30,000 face profiles and offers a range of reports including ‘Track and Trace’.  Go/No Go alarms can be set using the supplied configuration package and the mask screening feature can be toggled on or off as  required.

 “Our new camera terminals have an important role to play in our fight against Coronavirus,” commented David Ross, UK Business Development Manager for Remsdaq. “The devices are not only important for buildings with critical workers during lockdown. They can help businesses to reopen safely as lockdowns ease.”

The camera terminals can be bought online from Remsdaq’s new EntroStore ecommerce website ( alongside other contactless access control solutions.

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