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CAME expands in the UK access control market with acquisition of Entrotec Limited


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CAME UK has completed the local acquisition of Entrotec Limited to further expand the UK’s brand portfolio across the group, which amplifies the business operations across all sectors. The new addition of CAME Entrotec unquestionably strengthens further the UK subsidiary of CAME S.p.A, the multinational group specialising in automation, access control and security products.

CAME is constantly innovating and introducing new brands and specialist proficiency. Today CAME can rely on world-class expertise to provide control systems for large public facilities and the management of urban and public areas, by offering integrated solutions to meet all needs of people-flow and access control management.

Adding CAME Entrotec into the UK & IE group of companies completes a 12-month strategic advancement within the access control industry, that will result in total annual consolidated revenues in excess of €40 million.

CAME’s acquisition of Entrotec sends a powerful message to the industry, that CAME is committed to the continual growth of the UK Group, within the access control and door entry division. Bringing Entrotec into the CAME family will allow CAME to accelerate the development across the portfolio of products Entrotec offer, from door entry systems to access control solutions.

In addition, CAME plans to leverage the market segments in which Entrotec currently operate, unquestionably increasing market share across an array of industries. CAME Entrotec will enhance efficiency with access to the complete CAME range allowing both companies to prosper from shared R&D investments and practises.

Managing Director of CAME UK, James Bostock, expressed the opportunities and exciting future for both companies: “The acquisition of Entrotec brings really exciting times for CAME UK. After the acquisition of CAME KMS back in January 2021, Entrotec was the next natural target for CAME, closing the loop for our group supplying door entry and access control to both the residential & commercial sector and now the very important sector of Local Authority & Social Housing.

“Combining both the expertise and product ranges of CAME BPT and CAME ENTROTEC alongside the access control of CAME KMS, we can now be sure that CAME offers all our clients, irrespective of market sector, an unrivalled solution all under the same CAME banner.

“Once again we are all extremely thankful to our incredibly supportive parent company who continue to invest in the UK market and the great team of people that we have.”

Founded in Livingston, in 1986, Entrotec has experienced substantial growth across multiple sectors. Entrotec produce a wide range of door entry and access control security solutions for social and residential properties, educational facilities and commercial buildings. Entrotec success is due in part to its development process, which includes designing, manufacturing and quality testing all at one location in Scotland. As a result, quality control is maximised, meaning Entrotec produce products that offer incredible value and quality to its clients.

Entrotec’s commitment to service, quality and strong customer relationships are the foundations of a company that perfectly align with the brand values of CAME, which is why they became a key target for the growth of the UK Group. Entrotec is currently on an excellent growth trajectory. The goal with the addition of CAME will be to reinforce that path, while strengthening the company via investment and practice integration, allowing CAME Entrotec to fulfil their optimistic growth aspirations. Due to the synchronisation of business models, CAME and Entrotec’s compatibility is unique, resulting in a seamless integration, whilst significantly improving and enhancing commercial performance for both companies.

Carole Reddiex, Managing Director of Entrotec, said: “The success at Entrotec is a result of a lot of people’s hard work over a long period of time. We have been fortunate to work with loyal and experienced clients who over the years have driven the shape of the business and technology advancements required to protect their housing stock. I have been honoured to work with some wonderful, skilled staff who will continue to have the opportunity to develop under the CAME Entrotec brand. Our growth over the past few years has been exponential and I am delighted that further investment is planned for our products and systems to ensure the Entrotec legacy remains relevant and our products market leading.”

President of CAME S.pA, Andrea Menuzzo commented: “CAME is growing all over the world and the UK remains a very important part of our strategic plan moving forward. To acquire such a reputable business as Entrotec and bring them inside our group is testament to the quality products and the quality management that both our companies share.

“Our management team in the UK have worked very hard over the last year to complete our latest acquisition which sees CAME Entrotec added to the group’s growing portfolio of products where we plan to exploit some fantastic product synergies with other brands we already have within the group.”


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