Calipsa adds forensic video uploader tool to suite of video analytics


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Calipsa, a provider of deep-learning video analytics for real-time and forensic analysis, has enhanced its video search offering to enable security operation centres to conduct quick and efficient security investigations. The new forensic software, Investigate Uploader, allows users to upload any video file to the Calipsa platform, where its algorithms review the footage for genuine activity before presenting a summary of results. 

“We believe Investigate Uploader is a game-changing solution for investigators,” said Brian Baker, Calipsa’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Our tool allows users to leverage Calipsa’s advanced artificial intelligence and cloud-based forensic tool to conduct criminal investigations – even if they don’t have cameras on our platform. By transforming real-time streaming protocol (RTSP) video into a series of frames showing objects of interest, we can provide actionable results in a fraction of the time.” 

Investigate Uploader sits as a standalone product and joins Calipsa’s existing solutions for false alarm filtering, camera health checks, advanced real-time alerting and forensic video search.

The new solution also benefits from a Similarity Search feature, where users upload an object of interest which Calipsa’s algorithms use to search for objects of similar appearance in the uploaded video. All forensic video results will be summarised in an easy-to-review video to store on the Calipsa platform and share with other stakeholders. 

The solution is already delivering results for customers. Graeme McCandless, Operations Manager at Envision in Ireland said: “Investigate Uploader is a valuable asset for Envision. A client required us to review eight hours of footage remotely to identify a vehicle being vandalised. Fortunately, with the use of Investigate Uploader, we were able to identify the suspects, saving a lot of labour time and costs.”

“Calipsa continues innovating to ensure we deliver solutions that allow any business to analyse video for investigations,” said Baker. “Investigate Uploader will transform the way security teams conduct investigations. By reducing video streams into frames of interest, we can facilitate video analysis that requires less bandwidth and fewer resources. And with our cloud-based solution, there’s no need for onsite equipment.” 

Calipsa will demonstrate its Investigate Uploader tool on 23-25 March at stand #3064 at ISC West 2022 in Las Vegas.

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