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Calipsa and DVS partner to supply false alarm filtering platform to installers


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Calipsa has partnered with DVS, one of the UK’s multi-brand distributors. The partnership will see DVS supply Calipsa’s revolutionary cloud-based alarm filtering platform to installers across the UK, providing a solution to CCTV false alarms.

Calipsa removes the need for hardware based analytics or detectors on sites, simplifying installs and putting an end to repeated site maintenance visits for false alarm management. Using proprietary deep learning technology, Calipsa filters out over 85% of false alarms received by CCTV control rooms – caused by anything from a spider, to foliage or the weather.

Calipsa works with all major camera brands, including Hikvision and is already deployed on over 40,000 cameras across the UK, Ireland and USA. It works with existing hardware (cameras or recorders) and can be set-up remotely in seconds.

As one of Europe’s most successful multi-brand distributors of electronic surveillance products, and the largest supplier of Hikvision in Europe, the introduction of Calipsa to its portfolio showcases DVS’ commitment to offering new, forward-thinking solutions to the market.

“We chose to partner with Calipsa’s cutting edge cloud-based analytics in order to simplify installations and speed up deployment for our customers,” comments David Davies, Chief Technology Officer at DVS.

“With this platform, there is no need for on-going site visits to update the cameras or tackle issues such as foliage or spider webs that trigger false alarms. This will save our customers time, money and lost revenue all while benefiting from tomorrow’s technology. Reducing false alarms coming from video surveillance is an important step in increasing customer experience and value. We’ve built a great relationship with Calipsa thanks to their passion for using technology to improve crime detection and prevention and look forward to developing our partnership further.”

Calipsa’s platform will allow DVS to offer customers a critical layer of intelligence and functionality to complement its Hikvision video surveillance solutions. Security professionals can now optimise their CCTV solution with the addition of custom masking, scheduling and camera health checks, as well as the critical filter for false alarms. As a result, their customers will benefit from a quicker response to genuine alarms and a lower risk of sites being switched off due to high alarm volumes.

Rashid Khan, CEO of Calipsa, adds “We are extremely excited to be working with DVS. As the largest distributor of Hikvision in Europe, DVS has a wide audience of CCTV customers. By adding our False Alarm Filtering Platform to its portfolio, we hope to provide customers with a software solution that will complement their existing cameras to help tackle the challenge of false alarms. I am looking forward to building a highly beneficial partnership with DVS as we move forward.”

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