Business continuity solution unveiled to combat energy crisis

Business continuity

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A global service provider has recently unveiled its new business continuity solution.

Designed to mitigate risks during the ongoing South Africa energy crisis, CMC Networks’ solution allows businesses to maintain operations.

Moreover, it enables the optimisation of applications and services, even during power outages.

New business continuity solution

According to CMC Networks, the new business continuity solution utilises satellite technology, SD-WAN and customised cross-border and data centre connectivity options.

The company’s new offering is able to help keep businesses functioning during extended power cuts.

South Africa is currently experiencing regular electricity blackouts, with reports suggesting that loadshedding is costing the economy $51m per day.

CMC Networks is partnering with businesses to create strategies for continuity, thus bypassing the need to rely on local internet connections.

This helps provide visibility and control even in the most challenging conditions.

“We’re helping businesses to maintain revenues”

“The energy crisis is no doubt causing concerns for all kinds of businesses in South Africa, but we want to take this stress away,” said Marisa Trisolino, CEO, CMC Networks.

“Both local and global businesses can rely on us to closely monitor their network and ensure uptime, even during unforeseen events.

“We’re helping businesses to maintain revenues, reputation and trust from their customers, instead of shutting down during a crisis.”

“The team at CMC Networks understands a customer’s operational environment, risk profiles and unique demands, then develops bespoke solutions to ensure business continuity,” added Geoff Dornan, CTO, CMC Networks.

“We have local and global digital infrastructure and a proven track record of enabling digital transformation wherever our customers operate.

“We’re committed to taking the technical and operational stresses away from our customers, so that they can focus on their core business instead.”

CMC Networks

CMC Networks has infrastructure in South Africa located in data centres as well as international capacity across all subsea cable systems circling the continent.

CMC’s support team is fully equipped to support the CMC Network Operations Centre and technical functionality from multiple global locations, ensuring ongoing support even during crises.

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