Extend control, reduce costs and improve security with Brivo Access and Aperio wireless locks


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Replacing legacy mechanical locks with wireless electronic devices adds security and increases control without the expense or inconvenience of cabling doors. Now, new and existing Brivo Access customers can grow the scope and day-to-day benefits of their system by integrating Aperio wireless locks from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions.

Brivo Access customers can now operate more doors in their access control system by integrating battery-powered Aperio devices online to extend its reach. The seamless, real time integration of Aperio helps customers become more cost-efficient and secure.

“Now, Brivo customers can extend their system by securing more doors, lockers, servers, fire doors and more wirelessly. Replacing mechanical locks with Aperio devices, or equipping currently unsecured doors, gives them real-time control over many more openings,” says Piet van den Bossche, Business Development Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA.

Business benefits from access control integration

Integration can benefit organisations in many ways, including cost control, employee convenience, energy efficiency and enhanced security. As a new whitepaper on integration explains: “One key benefit of integrating is a more streamlined operations workflow. Professionals are only required to manage and understand a single application, and software updates can be delivered directly to one platform, rather than several.” *

Almost any interior door, including wooden doors, glass doors and fire doors, can be equipped with an Aperio device and integrated with a Brivo Access system. Devices from the Aperio range available for integration include the award-winning wireless handle (H100), escutcheon (E100), cylinder (C100), security lock (L100) and an updated server rack lock (KS100).

These multiple hardware options allow Brivo users to select the most appropriate lock for the specific needs of each door.

“Brivo is proud to partner with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions and continue to deliver valuable integrated solutions to modernize security while delivering exceptional employee and tenant experiences,” says Ingo Meijer, Regional Director of Europe at Brivo.    

For convenience and continuity, site users can unlock Aperio devices using their existing standard credentials, including iCLASS, MIFARE and LEGIC options. They can also open existing and Aperio-secured doors via their Brivo Mobile Pass.

Fast installation and secure integration

Because Aperio locking devices are wireless and battery powered, they can be installed quickly, without breaking walls or disrupting everyday work at the premises. In one recent ASSA ABLOY benchmarking study, labour costs for installation were estimated to be 80% lower for wireless locks versus comparable wired locks. For a large project, this can easily add up to large cost savings.

Aperio integration with Brivo is online, which gives facility managers control over many more doors in real time. Brivo ACS300, ACS6000, or ACS 6100 control panels connect via IP with the Aperio AH40 communications hub. Each hub connects over the air with up to 64 Aperio wireless devices, enabling live communication between the system and every Aperio-protected door or opening.

To learn more about the integration of Aperio wireless locks with Brivo Access, sign up for a free expert-led webcast here.

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