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Dave Gregory, Key Account Manager, Milestone Systems answers some of the frequently asked questions about video analytics.

As Key Account Manager at Milestone, I am often presented with questions from customers about how to meet the challenges they face in their different industries.

This short overview of FAQs aims to answer the most common questions the team is asked here at Milestone.

How can XProtect improve traffic monitoring in a city?

Traffic monitoring is now more efficient, detailed and accurate thanks to XProtect’s video analytics solutions. Using XProtect, teams can instantly see detailed information about the types of vehicles driving within certain regions and whether they are permitted to be in a location. Emergencies like vehicles driving the wrong way, spilt cargo or sudden accidents can trigger alerts for rapid response and risk mitigation. XProtect will also provide information on where a vehicle is from and where improvements can be made to road layouts to keep traffic flowing smoothly and reduce its environmental impact.

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How can we respond quickly to incidents using video analytics?

XProtect enables teams to easily visualise what’s happening on-scene in a city, helping them see data in real-time and respond appropriately. It delivers insights from edge technology like cameras, aiding with informed decision-making and planning. For example, trends can be spotted in the flow of traffic or bottlenecks following an accident and steps can be taken to reduce the environmental impact and improve public safety. Automation improves efficiency further, by responding with set actions to certain incidents. These visualisations also help teams move beyond security, to understand the data from IoT (Internet of Things) centres – monitoring air quality, for instance.

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How does Milestone XProtect improve a team’s operational efficiency?

With XProtect monitoring video feeds, a team is no longer required to sit and stare at video screens all day in case an incident occurs. This frees them up to work on other, more value-added, activities like planning. Alerts will automatically notify a team member if they need to step in and watch a video feed, due to an emergency or public safety incident occurring, for example. It also enables 24-hour cover across the world, with teams able to monitor what’s happening remotely and to alert on-ground teams if needed.

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How is Milestone XProtect improving anti-criminal and anti-terrorism efforts?

For effective anti-terrorism and policing operations, it’s vital to have all available video data and metadata in one place. Traditionally, police forces have had to go on-site to retrieve video footage from a crime scene or location of interest. With XProtect, multiple systems can be fed into the platform, creating a more joined-up approach and saving resources. XProtect’s rules engine can automatically alert teams based on defined criteria. Meanwhile, the smart investigation tool gives forces access to centrally search a myriad of systems dotted around the country and various cities, helping them solve investigations quicker and keep the public safe.

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How can XProtect help organisations keep the public safe?

Ensuring the safety of the public is at the core of XProtect and Milestone. Through its advanced video analytics, the system can monitor crowds of people moving through a city or area, to help teams understand how many people are in a location, whether they have the right to be there, if there is any unusual or unsafe behaviour and also search for specific people – down to the colour of their clothes and expression on their face. The system can help teams find a lost child in a football crowd, for example, or help to determine the threat level based on a crowd’s or individual’s behaviour.

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